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Bee Sting Swelling – Remedies and Treatment

Bee Sting Swelling – Remedies and Treatment

Bee Sting Swelling Remedies

  • Scrape the stinger out. This can be done with a knife, long fingernail or credit card.

  • Rub an aspirin on the sting. By rubbing an aspirin that is wet on the area where the sting was helps to neutralize some of the agents of inflammation.

  • Get relief by using meat tenderizer. Make a paste with tenderizer and water to apply to the sting.

  • Use baking soda to help ease the pain. Apply a paste of water and baking soda directly on the sting for approximately 20 minutes

  • Use ammonia to kill the pain.

  • Take a mild pain reliever such as aspirin, Advil or Tylenol. Don’t give aspirin to children due to the risk of Reyes syndrome

  • Take an antihistamine for instance Benadryl as this will ease any pain or swelling. Antihistamine cough syrup for instance Benylin works well with children

  • Dress very plain as bees are attracted to clothing which is colored brightly

  • Forgo any fragrances that might attract bees. After-shave as perfume can entice bees to check you out.

  • Take more zinc. Certain nutrients seem to alter the odor of the body and offers some protection.

Bee Sting Swelling Treatment

  • Severe allergic sting reactions should be treated with epinephrine or adrenaline, either administrated by a medical professional or self-injected. The injection can stop the development of any more severe allergic reaction.

  • Calamine lotion with an analgesic or Caladryl can calm the pain and itching of a bee sting within approximately 45 minutes. Dab it on the sting site every 4 hours. Can be obtained over the counter at any drug store.

  • Maximum strength hydrocortisone cream reduces the symptoms in about an hour and should be used every 3 or 4 hours.

  • Ice is probably the best treatment. A 20 minute application of ice will kill the symptoms almost immediately and keep them subdued for many hours. Ice reduces the swelling due to constricting the vessels and thru slowing down the flow of the venom-tainted blood. It also cancels out the itching and pain.

Bee Sting Swelling Pictures

Bee Sting Swelling

Bee Sting Swelling

Bee Sting Swelling

allergic bee sting swelling

Bee Sting Swelling

Bee Sting Swelling

Bee Sting Swelling

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