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Cloudy Urine – Causes and Treatment

Cloudy Urine – Causes and Treatment

Cloudy Urine Causes

There are many reasons for cloudy urine – some are caused by the foods you eat and others are cause by infections or problems with your kidneys.

  • Some foods that have been consumed may cause changes in the color as well as the consistency of the urine, but that is not the typical reason for urine that is cloudy.

  • Blood in urine can cause cloudy urine, but the urine also will normally be tinted with brown, or red.

  • An infection of the urinary tract can also cause urine to be cloudy. The infection can be associated with painful or burning urination.

  • An infection of the bladder – also referred to as cystitis – can cause urine to be cloudy. Cystitis is bladder irritation and inflammation. Bladder infections can also be supplemented with painful urination, frequent urination as well as difficulty in urinating.

  • Kidney stones can cause urine which is cloudy. If a person has kidney stones, the accompanied pain of these stones will lead you quickly to see your primary care physician more quickly than the urine being cloudy alone. Fun is not a word connected with kidney stones, and many individuals have called kidney stone passing as the worse pain they have ever experienced.

  • An infection caused by gonorrhea is another infection which can cause urine to be cloudy, but this is more likely caused by a vaginal discharge. Please remember that gonorrhea is a very curable STD or “sexually transmitted disease”.

  • One further cause of urine becoming cloudy can be ejaculate mixed with the urine. This is not a case of leaking semen but more likely that the semen which remains in the urinary tract is ejected at the next urination. Since semen is cloudy, as it mixes with urine, you will note a color to the urine that is cloudy. Semen in the urine is not an occurrence that is common, so it may be seen sometimes, but not every time you urinate.

The top ten reasons of urine which is cloudy include the following: detect diseases at an early stage symptoms, and find out the causes and treatments best suited.

  • Dehydration – not drinking enough water

  • Urinary tract infections – Urinary tract infections are more common in women than men

  • Vitamins –many vitamins are water soluble – including every B vitamins as well as Vitamin C

  • Diabetes – if you are a diabetic and notice urine which is cloudy, see your doctor.

  • Pregnancy – Pregnancy can often cause a appearance in the urine which is cloudy.

  • Medications – Many medications and drugs cause cloudy urine

  • Chemicals – Some chemicals can create cloudy urine.

  • Kidney stone –Kidney stone release minerals that can cause cloudy urine

  • Kidney problems and disease –Kidney function which is poor can cause cloudy urine.

  • Goodpasture Syndrome – this is a disease which is uncommon but does occur and can make the urine cloudy. This problem damages your kidneys.

  • Cloudy Urine Treatment

    If you observe cloudy urine ideally you should visit your primary care physician. This is especially true if this problem in urinating last for more than two or more days. The physician will form a diagnosis by observation as well as running physical lab tests. Treatment typically is contingent on the reason for these conditions. In cases of an infection, the treatment normally involves diuretic or antibiotics.

    There are several home/natural remedies for cloudy urine. Some of these remedies can be useful in supporting any medical treatment for cloudy urine.

    • Put a few coriander seeds in water and bring to a boil. Allow the solution to cool and then strain. Drink about 2 oz. of this fluid twice a day.

    • Several times a day drink cranberry juice. If you discover it hard to drink, add some apple juice.

    • Combine ½ tsp. baking soda to 8 oz. glass of water. Mix together well and then drink. This is one of the more effective mixtures for helping with a UTI or urinary tract infection.

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