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Headache behind Eyes – Causes and Remedies

Headache behind Eyes – Causes and Remedies

Causes of Headache behind eyes

Other causes of headaches that are situated behind the eye include:

Tension headaches are some of the more common headaches that develop behind the eyes. This can be caused by stress, eye strain or lack of sleep. These headaches normally go away as soon as the individual gets enough rest.

Headaches behind the eyes may be due to one of the following problems of the eye:

Individuals suffering from astigmatism have retinas that are shape irregularly. Because of this, things seen from various angles seem to be hazy. To have a view that is clearer, individuals usually squint and this puts strain on the eye muscles leading to often very severe headaches.

As we age our eye lens lose flexibility. Because of this, older individuals have difficulties in viewing close objects – such as print in a book. Other difficulties due to presbyopias include close focusing of images, eyes that are sore as well as headaches.

Far Sightedness or Hyperopia
This is a problem where the image of objects is focused behind the retina rather than being focused on the retina. As the individual strains the eyes in order to be able to view the image correctly, the muscles of the eye weaken. And, this causes headaches.
There are many types of migraine that cause headaches behind the eyes. Opthalmophlegic migraine causes headaches that can last from days to several months. Retinal migraine creates extreme stress on the muscles of the eye that can lead to partial and in some cases complete loss of vision. Individuals who hurt from sinusitis often have extreme pain behind the eyes, as well as along the cheeks and nose. detect diseases at an early stage symptoms, and find out the causes and treatments best suited.

Cluster Headaches
This is a type of headache that creates extreme pain on one side of the head behind the eye. These can also be accompanied with a burning sensation on one side of the nose. These headaches follow as stabbing pain, excruciating, behind the eyes, come in episodes over a period of several weeks. The pain often peaks in less than five (5) minutes and normally last for about an hour. These are less common and often more severe than other types of headache. But some health experts believe the cause is in the trigerminal nerve, while others theorize that these headaches are due to problems in the deep vascular channels of the head.


Headaches caused by tension normally go away after a period of rest or by manual therapy. The following therapy can also bring some relief.

  • Lie down on something hard for instance the floor

  • Using the thumbs, find the base of the skull

  • Lean back on the thumbs and press hard

  • Hold this position for as long as possible.

  • Breathe deeply

If the headache is only behind one eye, do the exercise with one thumb tracing the base of the side of the skull while lying on the same side as the eye that hurts.

Methods of headache relief for migraine include:

  • Acupuncture

  • Massage therapy

  • Prescription drugs

In cases of visual abnormalities help is obtained by getting corrective glasses. With cluster headaches, the best option is to get medical help.

There are also a number of synthetic medications available that help with headaches behind the eyes. But as the saying goes “Prevention is better than the cure”. So a good diet, eye care and good rest is the optimum way to deal with these discomforts.

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