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Hot Tub Rash – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Cure, Prevention, Pictures

Hot Tub Rash – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Cure, Prevention, Pictures

What is a Hot tub rash?

This is an infection of the hair follicles with Pseudomonas folliculitis bacteria. It most commonly develops in individuals who bathe in a hot tub, swimming pool, or a contaminated spa. Hot tub rash is a slang name with the medical term being folliculitis.

Around the world, hot tubs offer a safe and delightful relaxing practice for millions of individuals every day. When a spa is kept uncontaminated, balanced as well as disinfected, it provides a good environment for everyone. But the same features which make a spa striking to individuals, bubbly, wet, and warm can likewise make a below par managed hot tub attractive to bacteria. Certain of these can make individuals ill. Water that is hot opens up the pores and lets any microorganisms have an easy route to potential infections. We can even breathe in droplets of water that are contaminated and made airborne by the jets in the spa.

Hot Tub Rash Symptoms

The symptoms and signs of hot tub rash can vary depending on the kind of contagion.

Superficial folliculitis, including kinds that distress the upper areas of the hair follicle, can cause:

  • Red, small bumps in clusters that develop around hair follicles

  • Blisters that are pus-filled that rupture open and then crust over

  • Tenderness or itchiness

  • Inflamed and red skin

Deep folliculitis is a rash that starts deep in the skin around the follicle and distresses the total hair follicle. Symptoms and signs include:

  • Large swollen mass or bump

  • Pain

  • Blisters which are pus-filled, burst open and then crust over

  • Probable scars when infections are cleared


Superficial forms of folliculitis are caused by:

Pseudomonas folliculitis is the pseudomonas microbe that causes this type of folliculitis to flourish in wide-ranging assortments of environments, especially hot tubs with pH levels and chlorine levels not regulated well. Within 8 hours to 5 days of contact to this bacteria a round, red itchy bumpy rash will develop and later will progress into small blisters filled with pus or pustules. This rash is normally worse in the regions where a swimsuit clutches water that is contaminated next to the skin.

Pityrosporum folliculitis – This is particularly common in adult men as well as teens and pityrosporum folliculitis causes red, itchy chronic eruptions on the chest, back and often on the neck, upper arms, shoulders as well as face. It is caused by a fungus that is yeast-like.
Deep folliculitis – these include: detect diseases at an early stage symptoms, and find out the causes and treatments best suited.

Folliculitis that is gram-negative
This often develops if an individual is under long-term antibiotic therapy for acne. These antibiotics change the bacteria balance which is normal in the nasal area and often causing the overgrowth of organisms – especially gram-negative microbes – that are harmful. In the majority of individuals, this does not create difficulties and the nasal bacteria flora will return to normal as soon as the antibiotics are finished. But in some individuals, gram-negative microbes can spread and create new acne lesions that are quite severe.

Carbuncles and boils
These happen when follicles get infected deeply with staph and this causes boils that normally develop unexpectedly as a red or pink painful bump. The area around the boil can also become swollen and red. These bumps fill with pus as well as grow quite large and become very painful before eventually rupturing and draining. The boils which are small normally heal without scars, but a large boil could possibly leave scarring.

Boils in clusters are referred to as carbuncles and often develop on the shoulders, thighs, back of neck, or back. These carbuncles create deeper and more severe infections than a lone boil does. Therefore, they progress and also heal much slower and are expected to cause scars.

Folliculitis that is eosinophilic
Mostly seen in those individuals with HIV, the precise cause of this kind of folliculitis is unknown, although it could possibly contain the similar yeast-type fungus that causes pityrosporum folliculitis. It causes recurring areas of pus-filled inflamed sores, usually on facial areas and often on the upper or back of the arms. These sores can spread, can itch extremely and will usually leave regions of normal skin that are darker than before healing – hyperpigmentation.

Treatment and Cure

Cases of folliculitis that are mild might heal without treatment. But when the infection does not improve even with home care, recurs often or seems to be spreading, it is important to call a dermatologist or your primary care physician. It is possible that you might need antifungal or antibiotic medication to help manage the situation. Antibiotic that is normally prescribed is oral ciprofloxacin but is usually needed only in resistant cases that are widespread.

Home remedies that can be tried include:

  • Compresses of vinegar that are applied for twenty minutes 2 to 4 times a day

  • Silver sulfadiazine cream known as Silvadene applied 2 times a day


Procedures which are very basic can help prevent any problems and these include:

  • Start with water that is cleaner by using a filter attached to the water hose and can provide filling water that is purified

  • A shower before using the hot tub is a good exercise for the family especially for children

  • Avoid using the spa with any open cuts or wounds

  • Maintain sanitizer levels which are adequate always by checking chlorine or bromine before each use

  • Maintain pH level that is proper to optimize the effectiveness of any sanitizer

  • Keep waterline as well as adjacent surfaces uncontaminated

  • Regularly clean the filter with any good commercially available compound for cleaning and replace filter annually

  • Clean spa thoroughly with every drain and refill. Keep spa cover clean outside and inside

  • Prior to draining, use some type of flush to purge heating and plumbing systems of grime, biofilm, oils as well as other contaminants

Hot Tub Rash Pictures

hot tub rash pictures

hot tub rash pictures

hot tub rash pictures

hot tub rash pictures

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