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Inner Thigh Rash – Pictures, Causes and Treatment

Inner Thigh Rash – Pictures, Causes and Treatment

Inner Thigh Rash Causes

If an individual has a rash on the inner thigh, the possible disorders of the skin that might be the cause of it include:

Bad Clothing
Any clothing which is prepared with material that is synthetic or that have elastic fitting tight on the skin or rubbing alongside the skin may cause a rash on the inner thighs. It may be caused by chemicals such as rubber or latex in the clothes. This can also happen because of reactions of allergies to chemicals or dyes used in clothing. Babies using diapers can often develop diaper rashes.

Sweat Rash
An individual can develop a rash because of sweating, especially during the summer. Any person with fat thighs will have more probabilities of developing this type rash. It happens mainly along or in folds of skin and can develop from running together with hygiene at the same time that is poor.

Heat Rash
This happens because of heat or heat which is combined with humidity. The individual can not only develop heat rashes but also boils. The probability of inner thigh rash in this type of weather is extremely high because of increased sweating.

Insect Bites
An individual may get rash or bumps on the inner thigh because of bites of insects, for instances mosquitoes, ants, or bed bugs. These common insect bites usually go away on their own after several hours, but the symptoms can become worse and in these cases medical attention is needed. If an individual gets red small bumps on the skin, due to tick bites on the legs, is can be a skin condition called rocky which does need medical attention.
Poison Sumac/Ivy
Poison oak, poison ivy, or poison sumac, can on contact cause an individual to develop a rash that leads to itching which is severe. A person can get this rash when out in the woods or even from a family pet. detect diseases at an early stage symptoms, and find out the causes and treatments best suited.

Fungal Infection/Jock Itch
Jock itch is caused by tinea cruris fungi. Symptoms/signs of this infection are extreme itching in folds of the skin on the thigh, scaly or red rashes that often blister and then ooze. These areas of infection have edges that are defined sharply and are frequently red colored with skin color which is normal in the middle of the patches.

An individual can get allergies because of certain chemicals in cosmetics, for instance lotion, or due to a detergent or specific soap. If the person is using a new product which causes rashes on the inner thigh, discontinue use of the product.

Shingles is a very painful type of rash with the individual experiencing no only pain put also itching, as well as sensations of burning in parts of the body. Later, the person experiences rashes or red bumps on the area of the skin. If a person experiences these symptoms – especially pain – then a visit to the doctor for medical attention is needed.

STD or sexually transmitted diseases for instances syphilis, herpes, or warts; cause rashes on the inner thighs in both women and men. The disease symptoms are all different but mainly occur around or in the area of the genitals, and may spread to the areas beneath the groin, such as the inner thigh. In these cases one needs to seek medical care immediately.

Inner Thigh Rash Treatment

If an individual is experiencing any itching because of rashes in the inner thighs, the very first problem is to stop the itching-scratching cycle. Below are home remedies as well as medical treatment that can be used:

  • In order to soothe the bumps or rash on the inner thighs, apply ice every few hours or wash with water that is cold and the pat dry with skin with a towel.

  • Wear cotton made clothes which are loose fitting. When home, the individual should wear shorts and avoid the wearing of pants

  • An individual can apply lotion that is soothing to the areas which are affected, for instance aloe gel which is natural is the remedy that is recommended as being best. The person can also take a leaf of aloe vera and cut the left lengthwise and then applying the part of the leaf which is fleshy on the rash.

  • After bathing or showering, completely dry the thigh and groin areas

  • For rashes due to infections from fungi, use creams or powders which are anti-fungal. These should be used twice a day.

  • If an individual gets heat or sweat rashes, the person can use powder such as talcum to stop any further irritating of the rash. Talcum helps to soothe and dry out the rash. Talcum powders are available at the drugs store or supermarket. Some of these talcum powders contain mint as well as having other extra cooling effects which an individual can select.

  • Affected areas should be washed twice a day with water that is cold and then patted completely dry.

Inner Thigh Rash Pictures

Inner Thigh Rash

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