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Itchy Neck – Causes, Treatment, Remedies

Itchy Neck – Causes, Treatment, Remedies

Itchy Neck Causes

Generally skin disorders are disturbing and the problems are aggravated by presence of a skin disease. Some of the causes of itchy neck rash include:

  • A skin disorder called acanthosis nigricans which is characterized by smooth patches. This may occur on different body regions such as the neck, armpits and groin. This disorder has no treatment and symptoms include diabetes mellitus, cushing disease and increase in body fat.

  • A common cause of itchy neck rash in the elderly is seborrheic keratosis which develops on the skin surface resulting in color change thus considered risk free. The condition can also affect the chest, face, scalp and back.

  • Furunculosis which is a severe skin disease characterized by development of boils albeit periodically. These boils develop as a result of pus forming pathogenic bacteria (Staphylococcus and Streptococcus). Over-development of the boil due to lack of treatment results in a carbuncle which may be severe.

  • Pityriasis versicolor or Tinea versicolor is a skin infection caused by the yeast Malassezia globosa which develops due to excess oil, moisture and skin warmth. This results in irritating rashes especially during high humidity and increased or reduced temperatures.

  • Epidermoid or sebaceous cyst which contains keratin and this occurs as a result of physical strain which generates growth of the epidermis.

  • Hair dyes, perfumes and make up may cause itchy neck rash and swelling of eyelids to allergic people resulting in skin inflammation.

  • Bacterial infection in men sporting beards may result in development of red bumps and itchy neck soon after shaving.

Itchy Neck Treatment and Remedies

  • A paste of baking soda and water mixture can be placed on the itchy rash for an hour is effective.

  • Over the counter creams containing hydrocortisone as an ingredient are also effective since they lessen the itching. This should only be done upon consultation with a pharmacist to avoid skin reactions.

  • Aloe vera lotion application can be done to soothe the skin and this is advantageous since the lotion is natural.

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