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Mucus in throat – Causes and Treatment

Mucus in throat – Causes and Treatment

Mucus in throat Causes

The most common causes of mucus in the throat are:

This is the more common reason for throat mucus. Any individual who is hypersensitive to fumes, smoke, or noxious gases needs to evade exposure to those triggering features.

Food Reactions
Throat mucus can be caused after eating certain foods. Dairy products as well as milk can aggravate mucus, particularly in the course of the onset of seasonal flu, onset of the common cold as well as fever. Other foods that cause mucus in the throat are wheat based products, whole grains and eggs.

Mucus helps to combat any entering microbes. Once there is an infection, an excessive amount of throat mucus is secreted as a defensive mechanism. It is this excess as well as thick mucus that accumulates in the throat so that it can be ejected out of the body.

Viral Disease
Although less common, viral infections can cause mucus in the throat. Examples of these are whooping cough, chicken pox, as well as measles. Briefly, any kind of infection, for instance fungi, bacteria, or virus, can trigger the production of excess mucus in the throat and the nose.

Persistent smoking causes the mucus lining of the throat and nose to become inflamed. This can also occur with extreme ingesting of caffeinated foods and alcohol.
Physiological Problems
The damage of the throat and nasal functioning can pose a hazard for mucus stagnating in the throat. When these parts malfunction, effective removal of mucus is absent and with time will get stuck in the throat or nose. This cause often creates problems in swallowing. detect diseases at an early stage symptoms, and find out the causes and treatments best suited.

When the throat has excess mucus it will trigger frequent clearing of the throat, that at times, causes mild bleeding as well as irritation.

Mucus in throat Treatment

The effective treatment of mucus in the throat includes some of the following:

Flush fluids
This is a very effective remedy for mucus. Drink large sums of water and other healthy fluids. This thins the mucus and helps to expel it from the throat and body.

Gargle with hot water
Hot salt water can be gargled for 3 to 4 times a day which helps minimizes and flushes out the throat mucus. Do not swallow the salt water. And if probable, take steam inhalation for quick recovery.

Regularly blow nose
Blowing nose regularly is one method of treating throat mucus.

Ginger paste
Create a paste of ginger powder as well as honey. Consume a teaspoonful of this paste 2 xs daily. This helps to quicken recovery time as well as quick healing of the inflamed cells.

These are only a few of the therapies for mucus in the throat. The best method to stop mucus in the throat is to prevent repeated bouts of mucus in the throat. This involves living a healthier lifestyle. If no results are seen after following these therapies for throat mucus, have your primary care physician check you out.

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