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Pain in Arch of Foot – Causes and Treatment

Pain in Arch of Foot – Causes and Treatment

Pain in Arch of Foot Causes

A lot of contributing factors are involved in foot arch pain. The simple foot imbalance may cause it. Foot strain from overuse and work can precipitate pain. Direct trauma such as a blunt force contributes to the tenderness. A single, uncomplicated fracture may provoke stress and emit pain in the feet. Feet overuse can be the cause of this, like bringing up too much pressure on the feet and leaving out rest while you still can. People who usually work in areas that require no sitting suffer this from this situation. If it is accompanied by wrong shoes, then it can worsen the possibility of pain in arch of foot.
Foot arch pain is quite common to obese persons. The body weight can make the arch of the foot restless and be a source of strain. Regular rest should be done with overweight people so to avoid foot arch pain. detect diseases at an early stage symptoms, and find out the causes and treatments best suited.

A condition called plantar fasciitis (from plantar fascia –structure of the foot that is found on the bottom surface of the foot) is a sport-causing injury. This is caused by improper use of methods during sports events. This usually occurs when stretching exercises are neglected before doing some activities in sports. Overstretching of the feet can lead to plantar fasciitis. The pain is described as extreme and usually felt during rest. Plantar fasciitis can complicate if not given early medical attention. A heel spur, an outgrowth of bony structure of the heel, would develop if left unattended.

Pain in Arch of Foot Treatment

The very first intervention in treating foot arch problems is to alleviate pain. Manage the pain so you can work further. Application of an ice pack can soothe the pain in the arch of your foot. After 30 minutes, a warm pad can continue the work. Anti-inflammatory drugs, such as gels, are usually prescribed by doctors. These would assist in relieving the discomfort. If unresponsive, one must consult the doctor for further tests.

One should avoid pain-causing instances. If you have identified the cause of the arch pain, it is advisable that you avoid them. For one, if you are to have your regular exercise, warming up is a must. One should avoid straining the foot and by this it would greatly help. Regular exercise which is mild but can increase foot strength and stability is quite useful. Make use of proper and well-fitted footwear when doing your usual sport events. The use of orthotics for sports-related circumstances is usually prescribed by doctors. The more it can be convenient to you as an athlete and as well to your body. Additional comfort measures can be applied such as adding heel pads or cushions when you do your usual day work or exercise. Give it a rest. Yes, never exhaust yourself in your work. Attend occupational activities if you have an underlying structural imbalance. Help yourself and make the most out of your body. If you are overweight or obese, you should consult an exercise program to assist you in losing weight.

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