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Spider Angiomas – Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Spider Angiomas – Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

What is a Spider Angioma?

This is a skin disorder and is also a kind of telangiectasis which is a lesion formed by telangiectasia. This is a vascular lesion which is made by the dilation of a group of blood vessels that can be seen right under the skin and that normally surround a red lesion or dot.

These angiomas are defined as bearing some likeness to a spider web, or to a spider with legs. Both of these descriptions work as a good explanation of the condition. Normally, this condition can be obvious; it does not need any treatment and usually resolves on its own. Approximately half of all children will have at least one spider angioma during their lifetime. They are also quite frequently seen in pregnant women or in women on hormonal birth control.

Spider Angiomas Symptoms

Actually angiomas normally have no symptoms. When there are symptoms, they usually are dependent on the position of the angioma as well as the strength of the walls of the angioma. Angiomas which are large can bleed liberally if they are damaged in any way. Symptoms linked with angioma are:

  • Birthmarks – many of these are essentially angiomas

  • Portwine stains – are denoted as nevus flammeus

  • Strawberry marks – caused by capillary hemangiomas

  • Stork bites – common type of strawberry birthmarks

Spider Angiomas Causes

Angiomas are not cancerous and are fairly frequent skin problems which differ in dimension. They may happen almost anywhere on the body but normally occur on the trunk. The precise intention or cause is not known. Spider angiomas are relatively common and as mentioned above they are particularly widespread in women who are pregnant. Various reasons for angioma include liver disease caused by alcohol that cause spider angiomas as well as cirrhosis of the liver that also cause spider angiomas.
Some common causes of spider angiomas can include: detect diseases at an early stage symptoms, and find out the causes and treatments best suited.

  • Hormonal contraception

  • Pregnancy

  • Hepatic diseases

  • Cirrhosis of the liver

Spider Angiomas Treatment

The lesions usually resolve on their own but if resolution is not spontaneous or if the individual needs these removed for cosmetic reasons, there are several methods of doing this. But the removal is most often very expensive.

The treatment of angiomas is quite difficult. The majority of times, individuals will not even realize that they have this condition, since the symptoms do not present themselves in all cases. Angiomas don’t really require any treatment except in case where they bleed or become inconvenient. They can be eliminated by electrodesiccation which is where an electric needle is employed by slightly touching the skin which terminates the vessels of blood which comprise the lesion.

These lesions can likewise be managed by using liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is a cold gas which is liquefied and is sprayed on the lesion using a spray gun and freezes and destroys the lesions made up of blood vessels. Another selection is to use a stereotactic radiosurgery. This is where radiation is delivered in a specific way to the lesion, without affecting the surrounding area of the brain. This method is highly effective in the treatment of venous angiomas, but it is very important for medical professionals to be able to find the precise location of the lesion.

Spider angiomas Pictures

Spider Angiomas

Spider Angiomas

Spider Angiomas near eye

Spider Angiomas

Spider Angiomas

Spider Angiomas

Spider Angiomas

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