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Sweet Taste in Mouth – Causes and Treatment

Sweet Taste in Mouth – Causes and Treatment

What is Sweet Taste in Mouth?

This is a problem of alteration of the sensation of taste which is also known as Dysgeusia. Dysgeusia is linked in some cases to ageusia that is the total lack of taste and hypogeusia that is the reduction in sensitivity of taste. Any modification in taste may be a secondary symptom in many disease states or it might be the primary symptom. Any alteration in the sense of taste that is the sole symptom makes diagnosing more complicated since the sense of taste is linked with other systems of sensory. Common reasons for Dysgeusia include chemotherapy, asthma management with albuterol as well as zinc deficiency. Various medications may also be the cause of altering taste.

Causes of Sweet Taste in Mouth

Any sweet taste in the mouth may be caused by a variety of medical problems. For example, various metabolic disorders might cause a sweet taste in the mouth. Diabetes might cause this sensation in the mouth. Generally sensations of taste are very poorly understood. Medical professionals do understand that diabetes may cause a diabetic to have a sense of sweetness in the mouth.

Problems that are neurological in natures such as epilepsy, a stroke or disorders with seizures may cause this sensation. The individual might not be alerted to the fact that they have a problem with these conditions since this could be the lone symptom. Any virus attacking the sense of smell or attacks the nerve that transmits the taste signals may lead to sweet taste in the mouth.
Infections in the nose, throat and/or sinuses, particularly bacteria known as pseudomonas, may contribute to a sweet smell or taste. This is a bacterium that may cause sinuses and other infections of ear, nose, and throat particularly in those individuals with immune systems that are compromised including aids for diabetes as well as any other immune system that are compromised. This bacterium often creates infections of the urinary tract as well as pneumonia. Even though pseudomonas may cause the taste of sweetness in the mouth, infections by pseudomonas can also be life-threatening. But normal individual may get infections with pseudomonas and do just fine.. detect diseases at an early stage symptoms, and find out the causes and treatments best suited.

Taste of sweetness in the mouth may be due to gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD which may cause indigestion, heartburn, burping, belching, and hoarseness which are only a few symptoms.

If you experience mysterious sweet taste in the mouth you need to see your primary care physician. And be ready to give your physician a total medical history and expect the physician to give you a total examination as well as other tests. All of this together will normally help your physician to be able to make a diagnosis of the problem with a solution for treatment.


Treatment of any alteration in taste of the mouth is to first find the primary underlying condition that is causing this alteration. With the taste of sweetness in the mouth it is mostly caused by diabetes or heartburn. Check with your physician and he will do what is needed to diagnosis the condition and then that is the condition that will be needed to be treated.

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