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Thin Skin Causes and Treatment

Thin Skin Causes and Treatment

What is Thin skin?

It is exactly that – skin which has become very thin. Perhaps many of you can remember your grandmother whose skin was very thin – like a piece of paper. Thin skin does not only affect the elderly; it can affect anyone at any time for a multitude of reasons.

Thin Skin Causes

Numerous factors can contribute to the problem of skin that is thin:

Process of aging
As age creeps up on us, the skin becomes thin and loses many of the protecting fat layer that is there to help cushion the blood vessels from injury

Exposure to sun
Extreme exposure to the sun breaks down elastin fibers and collagen in the deeper layer of the skin or the dermis. Overtime, the skin loses its elasticity and turns out to be more fragile.

This can have a role in the skin aging and how susceptible it is to damage from the sun

Medicine side effect
Certain medications for instance long-time use of topical or oral corticosteroids normally deteriorates the skin and the blood vessels in the skin. Even though these drugs offer assistance for many medical problems, it is important to speak with your physician regarding any probable side effects.

Some medical conditions
For instance Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, amyloidosis or disorders of bleeding can all affect the skin.

When skin begins to age skin cells in the layer of dermal does not divide as fast as they were able to do when younger. This cell division reduction means that it rejuvenates the skin less. Because of this the skin drops some of its very hardiness and starts to get thin. At this same time, fat cells in the layer of hypodermal starts to worsen, and causes the skin to drape freely. Short of this thick defensive cushioning layer, even a trivial bump against any hard object can rupture the blood vessels, which is why my grandma’s thinner skin bruised more easily.
Even if an individual is in good shape – exercises often, lifts weights, eats a good diet – there is still a very good chance that individuals are going to notice some changes. detect diseases at an early stage symptoms, and find out the causes and treatments best suited.

But, it is never too late to start protecting the skin and doing whatever can be done to prevent any further damage and thinning to the skin.

Thin Skin Treatment

Here are some of the best methods that can help to cure thin skin problems:

Consuming Supplements
To help with thin skin an individual needs to immediately improve inner health. Do this to help with the missing nutrients in the body. Take a supplement as often with eating food, we do not get all the nutrients we need. Supplementation is a great alternative treatment

Also try fish oil supplements. Medical experts believe that fish oil helps slow the decline of dermis function. And on top of that, fish oil supplement are great for heart disease and hypertension.

Use a more potent moisturizer
You should find a moisturizer which is loaded with ingredients such as CynergyTK, Phtessence Wakame and Nano Lipobelle HEQ10. There are numerous other anti-aging moisturizers that have synthetic collagen. But, our skin does not absorb synthetic collagen because of the large molecular structure.

CynergyTK works best because it inspires functional keratin to your dermis. Keratin reinforces collagen and elastin in the skin to regenerate. This improves the elasticity dermis. Thick skin can be brought back due to collagen. Phtessence Wakame is a Japanese seaweed that stops the loss of hyaluronic acid. This acid is needed for the lubrication of collagen.

Vitamin C can also help
This also helps the structure of the dermis. It also prevents bruising. This vitamin can also make the skin more resistant to UV damage.

Thin skin is not a symptom of any serious original medical problem but let a doctor evaluated to determine the reason. To guard thin skin and stops cuts and tears:

  • Wear shirts with long-sleeved shirts

  • Wear pants that are long

  • Evade sun exposure for a prolonged time

  • If outside in the sun, use a broad spectrum sunblock with sun protection factor (SPF) of at the very least 15

  • Use a high quality moisturizing lotion, such as Cetaphil, Eucerin or Vanicream.

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