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Tingling Lips – Causes and Treatment

Tingling Lips – Causes and Treatment

Tingling Lips Causes

One of the more common problem related to tingling lips is allergies to food. Lips are extremely sensitive and if individuals eat foods they are allergic to, lips are the first sign of warning. If the lips turn out to be puffy or tingly, individuals need to notice the food that was consumed recently. Allergies of course may differ in relentlessness and very often food allergies are restricted to some discomfort that is mild and occurring around the mouth and lips. There are other cases where the tingling can be followed with allergy symptoms which are severe, for instance rash or airway closure.

Infections also can cause lips to tingle, especially herpes. Individuals with herpes normally notice some tingling shortly prior to an outbreak as well as other types of bacterial, fungal as well as viral infections of the mouth. Lips can be very itchy. Other symptoms of infection such as lesions, discoloration as well as strong smells can grow as the organism that is infectious takes a hold.
Often blood chemistry can play a role, especially in cases of change in levels of calcium. Tingling lips can be a symptom of hormonal imbalances. Issues which are neurological such as harm to the nerves in the face can also cause lips to tingle. Another probable offender is Raynaud’s phenomenon, which causes numbness, tingling as well as discomfort. Individuals visible to extreme cold might also experience lips that tingle without any causal pathology as the body reacts to the cold. detect diseases at an early stage symptoms, and find out the causes and treatments best suited.

Often, individuals develop lips that tingle during attacks of panic. With panic attacks, the body is flooded with hormones when the “flight or fight” response grows. It is quite common to experience tingling, numbness as well as other atypical feelings in the extremities. The physical symptoms of a panic attack can be very severe and even can be incapacitating for many individuals.

Tingling Lips Treatment

Because lips that tingle is a symptom or sign and not an illness, the actual illness needs to be identified and treated properly for the tingling of the lips to disappear. If it is caused by allergies, the allergen substances have to be avoided. Often medications such as antihistamine are recommended for relief of allergies. If diabetes is causing peripheral neuropathy, the blood glucose levels need to be checked to stop the recurrence of lips that tingle. Deficiencies of nutritionals can be treated with supplements that are dietary as well as healthy food. For individuals who suffer with panic attacks in many cases can learn yoga or other techniques for relaxation and to reduce mental stress. There are also several herbal remedies which are available to help with herpes.

If an individual suffers from lips that tingle, they need to visit with their primary care physician and explore the causal reasons. There is no way that tingling lips can be prevented. But if an individual maintains a lifestyle that is healthy with a diet that is balanced, exercises and kept free of stress than the chances of the problem can be greatly reduced. If an individual has the tendency to get lips that tingle often, then it is further advised to avoid drinking too much alcohol.

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