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Ankle Injuries

Ankle Injuries Ankle injury may occur to anyone any time. Earlier it was thought that this type of injury is reserved only for sports personalities but you may get injured by simply walking on uneven surface. Injury may be mild (sprain) or intense (fracture) or moderate (tear in tendon). Men are more prone to get this type of injury than women.

There are three types of injury involved in the ankle namely bone, tendon and ligament. Ankle is the place where one can find the union of three bones – tibia, fibula and talus. All these bones are fused together at the point of ankle joint. Ligaments bind them using connective tissue which eventually keep the bones intact. A tendon is attached to the muscles of bones and is responsible for movement of foot and ankle.

Fracture occurs when there is a break in bone. A sprain occurs when the ligaments are damaged or stretched beyond their capacity and a strain develops when there is damage to the muscles or tendons. When compared with fracture, strains are common in legs and ankle. If there is any injury on the tendon it develops inflammation. There may be microscopic tears on the ligaments causing sprain.

When the tendons are being repeatedly stretched for long time, it may cause tendinosis and in rare cases, it may rupture.

Causes :

Ankle injury is caused when a person walks on irregular surface and due to repeated sports activities. Sometimes it can occur during a fall or a jump in awkward position and due to sudden injury or trauma while driving a bike or car.

It may also develop when a person is twisting the ankle beyond limit on repeated attempts.

First Aid :

Before visiting your doctor you can alleviate the pain by therapy named RICE.

Rest : Take complete rest and do not strain your ankle causing more damage.

Ice  : Applying ice over the area can help in reducing the pain.

Compression : You can get help from someone for wrapping the injured ankle with compression for keeping it intact.

Elevate : Keep the ankle in elevated (raised) level.

Diagnoses :

Your doctor will examine the injured ankle and may ask for X-ray to find out the extent of damage.

Treatment :

Fracture :

In case of fracture, it can be treated without surgery in advanced medicine. The affected ankle will be put on splint or cast to keep it immobilized. For some cases, he may use metal plating and screws for keeping the bones intact.

Surgery is done only if the bones become unstable and are out of place. In case of severe fracture, it might take about 1-2 years for the ligaments and joints to get healed completely. After surgery and break period, the patient will be given physiotherapy for strengthening the bones.

Sprain :

For mild form of sprain, first aid treatment of RICE is repeated for many weeks until the swelling subside. In many cases, the pain will reduce after 2-3 days and you should not put weight on the ankle for few days.

For moderate sprain, apart from compressor or ice application, your doctor may put you on a splint or boot for keeping the ligaments intact. After complete healing, the person will be asked to follow certain exercises for gaining strength on the ankle. It may take some time for resuming to regular walking.

For severe form of sprain there would be tearing on the ligament and it takes more time for it to heal.

First, the patient will be put on splint or cast to keep the ankle intact. Once the swelling subsides, he will be asked to do physiotherapy or stretching and strengthening the ligaments. In case the pain does not get reduced, surgery may be done for reconstructing the ligaments that are torn.

Very often, a person having a sprain will need 3-7 days of rest, after which he will do regular exercise for gaining strength. For gaining enough flexibility and get back to normal position, it might take several weeks or even months.

Pictures of Ankle Injuries :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Ankle Injuries

Ankle Injuries Ankle Injuries Ankle Injuries Ankle Injuries
Tendon :

If there is injury in the tendon, the doctor will use a cast or splint and give anti-inflammatory medicine for reducing pain. In severe cases, surgery is done for repairing the torn tendons.

Prevention :

Reduce your weight, if you are obese. Do regular exercises. Watch your step to avoid fall.

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