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Blood Blisters

Blood Blisters Blood blisters are cluster of fluid that is collected on the upper epidermal layer of the skin. Blood blisters are formed only when the outer layer (epidermis) is damaged. Fluids get collected under the damaged skin for providing support for the tissues below. This process of fluid collection acts as a protective cover for the tissue underneath so that it heals quickly.

Blood blisters contain clear fluid collection called serum. Serum is actually the blood which contains no red blood cells and clotting agents. Blisters normally do not contain any blood but in rare cases they are filled with blood due to inflammation or infection Blisters occur anywhere on the body where the skin is injured or damaged. It often occurs on hands and feet.

Causes :

Blisters are caused due to skin injury or due to torn skin. When skin is exposed with harsh chemicals like detergent it can lead to formation of blisters. Blood blisters can be caused due to excess of heat like that of sunburn. Sometimes, underlying diseases like impetigo and chickenpox can also cause blisters.

Blood blisters can be caused due to constant rubbing of the skin which is often caused for baseball pitchers. It can occur when sharp tool tears the skin. Frostbite can also cause blisters on the skin.

Symptoms :

Blood blisters are seen mostly on the hands or feet when the skin is injured or cracked. It is the collection of serum fluid in the damaged area of the skin. It may or may not cause pain. In case of infection, blood blisters turn red in color with moderate swelling. They look like small lesions on the skin with fluid inside.

For some people, infected blisters will contain yellow or green pus inside and it will be painful. Blisters will heal within 3-7 days without taking any treatment. In case if the blisters continue to give pain or not healing within 7 days you need to consult your doctor.

Complications :

Blood blisters if not attended within a week, will be prone to bacterial infection causing pain. There is every chance for getting impetigo when blisters are infected with bacteria.

Diagnoses :

Blood blisters can be easily identified by physical examination of the affected skin.

Treatment :

You can apply cold compression on the injured wound for quick healing. In case the wound does not heal for long you should keep it covered using padded dressings to prevent infection. Keep the blisters in elevated position so that blood flow will be there to the heart. Medical treatment includes applying antibiotic cream for drying rapidly. For getting relief from pain you can take painkillers like Ibuprofen.

Pictures of Blood Blisters :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Blood Blisters

Blood Blisters Blood Blisters Blood Blisters Blood Blisters Blood Blisters Blood Blisters

Prevention :

You can prevent getting blood blisters by keeping your skin covered and protected from the harsh rays of the sun. Do not expose your skin to chemicals or avoid getting friction. Wearing long sleeves and gloves on your hand while handling chemicals will be helpful in preventing blisters. Use sunscreen lotion that contains SPF 15 while going out in hot sunlight. Friction related blisters can be avoided by keeping the skin dry. Wear protective gloves when riding the bike or involved in weightlifting events.

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