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Blurred Vision in One Eye

Blurred Vision in One Eye The vision would become blind in one eye due to several conditions. The reasons vary widely ranging from simple reason of crying for long time to serious medical issues like brain damage. Blurred vision in one eye and both the eyes for that matter is caused due to refractive error which can easily be corrected by wearing the right eyeglasses.

Because of blurred vision, the visual activity in one eye may get reduced and the affected person may not be able to see objects present at some distance. This would cause cloudy vision or difficulty in reading and even eye pain and irritation. In rare cases, blurred vision is an indicator of serious medical issues like nerve collapse in the brain or brain tumor.

Symptoms :

Dryness in the eye, increased sensitivity, excess of discharge or tears from the affected eye, eye pain and irritation, bloodshot eyes, reduced eyesight during night and headache are some of the symptoms of blurred vision in one eye. However not all the symptoms are present on the same person and the signs vary widely depending on the underlying cause of the disease.

In case of serious complications like brain damage, there may be blurred vision along with reduced consciousness and sudden behavior changes. In that case, you need to rush the patient to the nearby hospital or call medical care center immediately.

Causes :

Blurred vision in one eye can be caused due to refractive errors like nearsightedness or farsightedness and due to the inflammation of the optical nerve. Any trauma or injury on the eyes can also cause visual impairment or blurred vision for some time. Sometimes, cataract problem can also cause blurred vision in one eye. Prolonged diabetes (diabetic retinopathy) and use of strong medications can also affect the visual capacity of the eyes, affecting one or both the eyes.

Blurred vision occurs due to macular degeneration disorder resulting from old-age. It can be caused due to headache, migraine, myopia and persbyopia and uveitis (inflammation of the eye).

In rare cases, it can be caused due to serious problem like brain damage or disorder in the central nervous system. Some of the other life threatening conditions that can cause blurred vision are glaucoma (excess of eye pressure), inflammation of the optical nerve on the eyes and retinal detachment.

Diagnoses :

Your eye doctor will examine the eye for detecting the causative factor for blurred vision.

Treatment :

Your doctor will first diagnose the root cause of the disease before starting treatment. Normally discharge from the eyes will get settled in few days and if you continue to have blurred vision you should consult your doctor.

He may prescribe you reading glasses for correcting eyesight problems or he may give you contact lenses with mono-vision adjustment for correcting blurred vision in one eye. If dryness is the root-cause of the problem, then he would give you lubricating drops for correcting it.

If the problem is due to cataract or diabetic retinopathy, then surgery is to be done for replacing the old lens with new ones for getting clear vision.

Any type of blurred vision caused by minor problems can easily be corrected if you visit your eye specialist without delay. Do not hesitate to seek medical care if the person has additional symptoms like loss of conscious and change in behavior along with blurred vision.

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