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Brown Spots on Nails

Brown Spots on Nails Nails are the index of your health. The color of the nail will indicate the type of disorder or disease you have. Many kinds of primary health conditions are reflected in the form of change in nail color. Brown spots on nails or brown coloration of the entire nail can be a symptom of deficiency of nutrition or even kidney disease. It can also be indication of skin problems like psoriasis or blood related disease like anemia. Sometimes it can be simple reason of nail infection. Any type of nail discoloration can be treated if the underlying factor is known.

Causes :

Dark fingernails and toenails can be caused by vitamin B12 deficiency. Sometimes the tips of the nail become dark which is indicative of kidney problem. Skin disorder like psoriasis can also cause brown spots on nails. Kidney problems may also be the reason for change in color of the nails. Psoriasis will affect the nails and may cause brown spots on it. Deficiency of nutrients like vitamins, proteins and folic acid may also affect the nails and cause brown spots.

Sometimes fungal infection on the nails can cause discoloration. Skin cancer can effectively change the nail color making brown spots on nails.

Symptoms :

You may see small brown colored doted spots on the fingernails or toenails. Sometimes there may be black or reddish dots on the nails. For some people only the tips of the nails have brown spots on them and for others the entire portion of the nail may change into brown color. In case of fungal infection, apart from color change, there may be foul smell and pain.

Treatment :

Your doctor will examine the affected nail to find out the real cause. In case if the change in nail color is due to infection, he may treat it with anti fungal medicines or topical ointments.

If psoriasis is the reason for brown spots on nails, he will give prescription medicines for treating skin disorders. It is easy to cure the discoloration of nails if you detect it in early stages.

Home Remedies :

Avoid changing nail polishes from others since it can be the main cause for getting infection. Do not share nail cutters or brushes to your friends since there is every chance for getting infection if any one of them already have it. You need to take your own pedicure instruments while visiting beauty salons for manicuring. Avoid removing cuticles firmly from the nail and do not clean the nails very deeply since it may cause infection.

Avoid biting the nails and always try to keep them clean and dry. Have nutritious diet rich in vitamins and proteins. Take supplementary vitamin B and calcium for building up strong nails. Include eggs, meats, whole grains and milk in your daily diet.

In case you have ingrown toenails, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. If your work involves using hands and nails often, wear rubber gloves for protecting your nails.

Brown spots on nails can be a symptom of underlying serious problem.

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