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Carbuncle A carbuncle is a painful lesion or swollen boils that occur in groups and are attached to one another through the skin. The carbuncle forms due to infection on the hair follicle with pus formation (abscess) under the skin. It occurs often the hairy area of the skin like on your back or on the nape of your neck. But it can also develop on areas like thighs, buttocks and groin. It can be painful due to pus filled infection on the skin. A carbuncle starts as tiny red lumps and very soon it gets filled with pus growing larger in size causing intense pain.

Causes :

Staphylococcus aureus bacteria causes carbuncle attacking the skin surface on the throat and other areas of the body. It normally enters into your body through hair follicle or small cuts or wounds. Once it gets infected, it fills the lesion with pus causing pain.

These pus filled lumps are actually the group of white blood cells (in excess) and the dead skin cells of bacteria. Carbuncles are contagious and have to be treated or kept covered after draining the pus.

Who are at risk?

People who have chronic skin problems, people with diabetes or kidney disease or with weakened immunity and old age people are prone to develop carbuncle. Carbuncles are increasingly found on individuals who live in groups like hostels sharing things like towel and other clothing in common. It can develop on the areas of the body that are kept moist without free air and also due to cuts during shaving.

Symptoms :

A carbuncle is cluster or group of boils or lesions found on the back of the neck or shoulders. It has pus filled structures causing pain and irritation. It oozes out yellowish liquid from the lesions. Often, carbuncles cause deep infection when compared with single boils. But they heal quickly as they develop and may leave a scar on the skin surface.

Some people can get fever and fatigue and a feeling of discomfort. There can be swelling on the lymph nodes of the neck or groin or armpits.

Tests :

Your doctor can diagnose carbuncles by checking the symptoms of cluster of boils with pain. If necessary he would gently remove tiny bit of pus inside the carbuncle for testing in the laboratory for confirming the bacteria’s presence.

Treatment :

Home Remedies :

When you get cluster of boils do not prick it with needle or any sharp objects since it will worsen the condition giving chance for spreading. You can apply warm compression on the affected area and repeat this process many times a day. This procedure will make the boil to rupture easily so that the pus inside will drain out completely. The cloth used for warm compress should be washed in hot water and dried in sunlight.

Wash the hands thoroughly after touching the affected areas so that the liquid pus will not spread to other skin areas. In case of intense pain, you can take ibuprofen for reducing the pain and inflammation.

Medical Treatment :

Small boils or blisters can be treated at home by making use of warm compresses and by taking pain-killers. For boils of large size, you can visit your doctor. He will gently drain the boil after making small incision using a sterilized needle. This promotes fast healing and speedy recovery. After this process your doctor will prescribe antibiotics for complete healing and to prevent recurrent infections from bacteria.

Giving antibiotics is necessary if the person has weak immunity or affected with other infectious diseases. Carbuncles will take maximum of 1-2 weeks for healing.

Pictures of Carbuncle :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Carbuncle

Carbuncle Carbuncle Carbuncle Carbuncle Carbuncle Carbuncle Carbuncle
Prevention :

You cannot prevent it from developing but you can always take precautions for reducing the risk. Washing hands regularly and avoiding cuts and wounds is the best remedy for not getting carbuncle. In case you have developed cuts or injury on the skin, wash it using soap water and apply antibiotic ointment and keep it covered using dry bandages. Do not share personal items like clothing or towels or shaving equipments with others.

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