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Chalazion Chalazion is marked by small bumps or lesions on the eyelids causing swelling of eyelids. Meibomian glands are tiny glands present in your eyelids and are found near eyelashes. They produce oily fluids that keep the eye well lubricated. Sometimes, the glands will not be able to produce the required oil if the ducts are blocked. This results in the accumulation of oil on the eyelids causing a bump or chalazion.

Though chalazion is not caused by infection it can appear after eye infection. Stye is an eye infection that occurs in small ducts that is more painful but chalazion does not cause any pain. For some people the size of a chalzion can grow up to the size of small marble. Often these bumps are mild and do not require any treatment. You can apply warm compression on the eyelids for loosening the oil and clearing the blockage of the duct.

Symptoms :

Some of the symptoms of chalazion are swelling of eyelids, bump formation near eyelashes or on the eyelids. This will lead to increased watery discharge from the eyes due to irritation. There may or may not be pain on the eyelids due to bumps. But there will be discomfort in seeing and reading small letters due to the presence of these bumps. In rare cases it will affect the eyesight causing partial loss or blurred vision.

Causes :

Chalazion is caused due to the blockage of ducts of meibomian glands on the eyelids. Debris or oily particles clogs the duct forming a bump on the eyelids. But chalazion is not an infection and is not contagious.

Some people are under the risk of developing blepharitis (eyelid inflammation) and rosacea (reddening of skin of nose and cheeks) due to this condition. By washing your face regularly with clean water and keeping your eyelids clean you can avoid this situation.

Pictures of Chalazion :

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Chalazion Chalazion Chalazion Chalazion Chalazion Chalazion Chalazion Chalazion
Treatment :

Mild forms of chalazion can be easily treated by using a warm compression. You can use a soft cloth and gently soak it in warm water. Apply it on the eyelids equally for 10-15 minutes and repeat this process several times a day. By repeated application of warm compression, the oil will get loosened clearing the duct to secrete more oil. You need to be careful while applying warm compression since the eyelids are very delicate.

Even without treatment, chalazion will resolve on its own within few weeks.

In rare cases, the chalazion has to be removed surgically if the size of bumps is large. Local anesthesia is applied and the bumps are gently removed surgically. Incision is made from the inside of eyelids to avoid getting a scar.

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