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Cherry Angioma

Cherry Angioma Cherry angioma is a type of tumor or cyst that attacks people above 40 and is marked by the presence of lesions or red color. The size of the tumor may grow along with age and the angioma will occur on any part of the body except mucous membrane. There is no specific reason for the occurrence of cherry angiomas and is the most common type of lesions on human skin. Usually they develop on clusters on the surface of the skin and are cherry red in color. It is largely seen on the trunk of the body rather than on the extremities. The size of the angioma is much smaller than a pinhead size when it first appears on the body but they grow in size and become spongy or mushroom shaped over months. They are seen mostly in groups or clusters and sometimes alone and is frequently seen on the scalp, chest, neck and even face. When injured and punctured cherry angiomas will start bleeding.

Causes :

Exact cause for the formation of cherry angiomas is unknown. It can be inherited from parents and run for families. People with cancer or tumor cells have increased chance for getting red colored papules or angiomas when they grow old.

Symptoms :

The angiomans are bright red or cherry in color and it may take pink color also. The size of the angioma may range from pinhead size to much bigger measuring ¼ inches in diameter. In texture it would be smooth or sticky protruding from the skin surface slightly.

Diagnoses :

Physical examination is enough for detecting cherry angiomas but sometimes your doctor may tear open a small portion of the cyst (biopsy) for detecting any cancerous growth inside.

Treatment :

Cherry angiomas are not harmful and hence they do not require any treatment at all, except for cosmetic reasons. The doctor will examine the angioma and depending on the size and intensity of growth, he would decide the treatment method.

Some of the common procedures by which cherry angiomas are controlled are :

Surgical Excision :

In this method, the surgeon will remove the lesions or angiomas delicately using surgical blades. He may further use chemicals like aluminum chloride on the spot so that it does not reappear on the same place. He may use electrocautering or any other procedure for rubbing the region with chemicals. Using electro-surgery method the doctor will remove the angiomas using special needle or blade.

Cryotherapy :

Liquid nitrogen is used for freezing the area or spot in which cherry angiomas are seen. The lesions are dissected electrically using varied techniques to ensure there is no scarring when using curettage method. Surgeons who are trained for removing angiomas will perform these techniques with precision.

Pictures of Cherry Angioma :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Cherry Angioma

Cherry Angioma Cherry Angioma Cherry Angioma Cherry Angioma Cherry Angioma Cherry Angioma Cherry Angioma
Laser Method :

Using laser vaporization an intense beam of laser light is passed on the cyst or lesions for removing the angiomas. In this method the tissues in the surrounding area is undisturbed and this procedure will not leave any scar on the skin.

All the above methods are used for cosmetic reasons and medically there is no need to remove cherry angiomas since they are always benign. In case of bleeding on injury, your doctor may use any of the therapeutic method for removing the lesions.

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