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Cloudy Urine

Cloudy Urine Cloudy urine is almost each one of us will experience many times. The change in color of the urine may be simply due to the nature of food that you have consumed. Normal urine is light yellowish in color and is clear but there are many factors that may cause cloudy urine and some of them are really serious. The cause of passing cloudy urine may vary from excess of vitamins in food to serious infection on kidney like pyelonephritis. It can be a sign of serious underlying health issue such as vaginal discharge or sexually transmitted disease or due to any infection on the urinary tract.

Cloudy urine is commonly seen on adults of all age group and many times it carries a foul smell. You need to seek medical care, if you have cloudy urine frequently and accompanied with other symptoms like intense pain in the abdomen and urine with bloody discharge.

Causes :

Cloudy urine may form due to inflammation or infection on the urinary tract or kidneys. Certain underlying diseases may give rise to cloudy urine. Excretion of excess of vitamins and proteins may also change the color of the urine. People with diabetics and cardiovascular disease may also get cloudy urine.

Infection on the urinary tract, kidneys, reproductive organs, bladder, cyst in the ovary, stones in the kidney, kidney failure and inflammation, preeclampsia, inflammation of prostate gland and presence of sexually transmitted diseases may also cause cloudy urine.

Underlying medical issues like heightened blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes, dehydration, leukemia and even doing strenuous exercises can also trigger formation of cloudy urine.

In women, it can be a sign of vaginal infection or gonorrhea. Certain foods and drinks such as orange juice, excess of milk and asparagus can also change the color of urine.

Symptoms :

Passing cloudy urine may not be a concern at all if it is a rare occurrence and without any symptoms. However, if you are getting cloudy urine accompanied by vaginal pain, bleeding and abdominal pain, then it is time to seek medical advice.

Some other possible symptoms that can occur with cloudy urine are abdominal pain, bladder spasms, frequent urination, urinary incontinence, painful urination and foul smelling urine.

Infection can also occur in the reproductive system or endocrine system and sometimes on other parts of the body.

Complications :

In case the underlying health issue is critically important, it can cause further complication like diabetic coma, seizure, electrolyte imbalance, leukemia and shock.

Treatment :

You can always try some of the natural home remedies for getting rid of cloudy urine. The decoction of coriander seeds is highly effective in converting the urine to normal color. You can also drink cranberry juice which will solve any of the infection in urinary tract. Prepare a solution of water combined with little baking soda to get rid of UTI immediately.

Your doctor will first look out for the underlying cause before starting any treatment for cloudy urine. In case the cloudy urine is due to the infection of UT then he will prescribe antibiotics for managing the infection.

If he detects kidney stone is the causative factor then he would start suitable treatments like ultrasound therapy or shock wave therapy.

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