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Distended Stomach

Distended Stomach Distended stomach is the condition in which the stomach extends its girth. Stomach distends when there is enough pressure inside the abdominal wall and due to bloating sensation. Even a simple gas problem can make the stomach to distend. Obviously distended stomach will increase the size of the abdomen. There are various factors that can distend the stomach and it can be managed by eating healthy foods and by avoiding oils and carbonated drinks. One should not ignore stomach distension since it can be due to edema or fluid accumulation inside the abdomen or in any of the internal organs of abdomen.

Symptoms :

Stomach distension can be easily identified by many signs. There will be bloating and excess of burping. For some people there may be frequent release of gas. There may be feeling of fullness and sometimes it is accompanied with diarrhea or constipation problems. In severe cases distended stomach may show symptoms of vomiting, nausea, dizziness and irritability. There can be loss of sleep at night because of frequent urination. In severe cases, there can be bloody discharge in the stool and you should visit your doctor without any delay.

The stomach will protrude forward and may feel warm to touch if the distension is due to inflammation inside the abdomen.

Causes :

Various factors are involved for stomach distension. From the simple reason of intestinal gas to the most complicated intestinal disease many conditions can cause distended stomach.

Building of intestinal gas can cause stomach distension. When excess of air is swallowed along with food it can cause incomplete breakdown of food particles causing indigestion and distended stomach. It can be due to over eating or eating very fast.

Women may have distended stomach prior to their monthly periods. For some people it is an obvious sign for obesity or excess of weight. Pregnancy will certainly make the stomach distended due to increase in the size of the uterus.

Certain diseases can cause distension of stomach. Food allergy, constipation, improper bowel movement, intolerance of certain food, bowel obstruction, amebic infection, intestinal parasites and Crohn’s disease can cause stomach distension.

Other health issues that can cause stomach distension are celiac disease, diverticulitis, abdominal tumor, intestinal disorder, cyst in the ovary, cancerous growth in the ovary, fibroids in the uterus, and increase in the accumulation of fluid inside stomach, increased acidity and malnutrition.

Diagnoses :

The doctor will physically examine your stomach and look for additional symptoms. For identifying the right cause, he may ask you to take series of tests which include stool examination, scanning of abdomen, and colonoscopy.

Treatment :

Treatment for stomach distension depends on the underlying factor. Your doctor will find out the real factor that has caused stomach distension.

If distension of stomach is caused due to intestinal gas you need to change your food habits and eating style. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily food and avoid oily fatty foodstuff.

Take enough of fiber rich foods in your daily meal to avoid constipation problem. Consume fully cooked food and reduce the intake of grilled or fried items. Avoid taking processed foods and reduce daily coffee or tea. Ginger and garlic can be added liberally in your daily meal to avoid distended stomach.

In case if the stomach distension is due to bacterial infection which is confirmed in stool analysis your doctor will prescribe suitable antibiotics for destroying bacteria. There are millions of bacteria in our stomach and most of them are beneficial for good digestion. But some of them are harmful causing gas problem and bloated sensation.

Lack of normal digestive enzymes can cause distension of stomach and digestive problems. Avoid eating packaged food items which has no enzymes that facilitates digestion process.

Do regular exercises and eat plenty of fresh fruits to keep your health in good condition.

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