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Foot Odor

Foot Odor There are thousands of sweat glands in our body and it obviously produces some extent of moisture in the feet. Bacteria find your feet an ideal place for dwelling owing to the favorable atmosphere producing foot odor. It is largely found on people who sweat a lot. Sweat generally does not have any odor but it would definitely produce foul smell when it has bacteria in it.

Sometimes, bacteria would tear the top layer (epidermis) of the skin causing intense infection. Very often, dampened shoes or socks are the major cause for foot odor. However it is easy to prevent foot odor by following simple routine of washing the feet with soapy water and keeping it dry and clean.

Causes :

Moisture is the real culprit for foot odor which gives room for the bacteria to thrive on it. Bacteria find it easy to grow on the moisture of the socks or shoes which have no space for evaporation. Eventually they will stick on to your skin causing foot odor.

Some other possible factors for bad smell in your foot include consumption of alcohol, stress, sweaty feet, hormonal imbalance and taking strong medications.

Symptoms :

Foot odor is marked by foul smell. It is more particular when the affected person removes his shoes or socks. Apart from bad smell, there can be intense sweating on the foot.

Prevention :

It is more easy to prevent getting foot odor than taking attempts to treat it.

You should follow regular hygiene when it comes to washing your feet. Always wear dry socks that have space for evaporation. Wash your feet regularly with warm water and dry it completely before wearing shoe or socks. Make it a practice to change your footwear daily so that it has breathing space for a day.

Try using disinfectant spray on your shoes. Sprinkle few amount of baking soda on your shoes for destroying bacteria. You can try applying castor oil paste on your feet for preventing it from any bacterial infection.

Treatment :

In case you are not able to overcome the foot odor by taking above home remedies, then it is time for you to consult your doctor. He may prescribe you good antibacterial soap or powder or any ointment for treating it.

You can use over the counter odor eaters or creams for getting rid of foot odor but in case of intense smell, you need to check with your podiatrist. He may prescribe you with ointments or foot powders to fight against bad smell. If you are looking for odor eater in the store, you can choose sodium bicarbonate powder as cheap alternative.

In case the foot odor is intense, your doctor may consider doing a surgery for cutting the nerve that manages sweating sensation.

Home Remedies :

Before spending on expensive products you can try some of these simple natural remedies for getting rid of foot odor.

• You should keep your feet immersed in warm water for few minutes daily and this will soften the skin and will remove that foul smell. By regularly doing this therapy you are not only removing foot odor but also strengthening your feet and softening it.

• Alternatively you can soak your feet in tea decoction for 10-15 minutes. Tannic acid present in the tea is effective in removing the sweat and drying your feet.

• Some people try using bleach powder but this should be used with caution. There is chance for over-drying the feet in this method.

• Prepare a mixture of warm water that contains sodium bicarbonate (20 gm) and soak your feet for 15 minutes daily. You will truly find this therapy useful in getting rid of bad smell.

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