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HPV Warts

HPV Warts Human Papilloma Virus is shortly called as HPV. Warts are tiny lesion like structure appearing at any area of the body. HPV warts are also called as genital warts spread by virus. HPV infection is one of the most common types of sexually transmitted disease in the world. Sexually active people will get HPV infection in most of the cases.

HPV warts are caused by human papilloma virus and they are grey in color found on the genitals of men and women. In medical terms they are called condyloma acuminate. HPV warts can occur on both sexes and at any age. This is more particular for people involving in flesh trade.

Often, it occurs on the age group of 16-30 when men and women are sexually active. These warts are infectious and can spread from one person to another through sexual intercourse. Even from having sex for one time from affected people makes you 60% riskier for getting genital warts.

Sometimes these warts are found on children below 5 years in which case they are transmitted mostly by direct manual contact. There is chance for these children to be abused sexually by men with genital warts.

Causes :

HPV warts are caused by human papilloma virus. More than hundreds of HPV exists but only some of them are capable of transmitting the infection causing warts.

HPV warts occur when a person is infected with HPV 6 or 11 virus type. Some of this virus is capable of causing cervical cancer and malignant growth on various other parts. Virus type 18, 16 and 31 are classified as “high risk” ones since they are efficient in spreading carcinogenic particles into the blood.

Warts also occur on other parts of the skin and they are caused by different types of HPV.

How it spreads?

Tiny viral particles will find place on the genital area where there is small abrasions caused during sexual activity. These small abrasions are enough to give room for virus which penetrates the skin. They remain latent for few weeks and finally start spreading infection. There is every chance for getting genital warts if you indulge in sex with a person with genital warts.

HPV warts are commonly seen on people who have multiple sex partners and on adolescents who have sex during early age.

Symptoms :

HPV warts do not cause pain but it would cause severe itching. The size of these warts may range from 1mm to 1cm and sometime they are seen as clusters.

They are tiny lesions or bumps causing itching occurring on genital organs of men and women. Often it spreads to other parts of the skin.

People having genital warts are likely to get sexually transmitted diseases. In men, HPV warts are found on scrotum, penis and on rectum. They are seen as soft elevated mass with tiny finger like projections on the skin. The surface of the warts will be smooth like that of penile shaft.

In women they occur on labia or near the vaginal opening. These lesions are visible when the vagina is closely observed and there is chance for getting HPV warts on cervix and vaginal canal region.

Diagnoses :

Physical examination is enough to detect HPV warts. Sometimes colposcopy is done for women to detect lesions on the vaginal canal.

Treatment :

In case you have genital warts do not engage in sexual intercourse since you are spreading it to your partner. Do not touch them even if it is itchy. Avoid squeezing the warts by nails since it will worsen the infection.

Warts will normally wither away without taking treatment. Cryotherapy is done for freezing the lesions using liquid nitrogen. Laser therapy is given for removing excess of genital warts. Local anesthesia is given on the area to numbing the skin. Your doctor will gently apply laser light beam for destroying the HPV warts. But it may cause scarring. Some doctors use electrical method for desiccating the warts. By using a cathode that carries light electric current he would torch the warts to destroy it.

Drugs like Podofilox, Podophyllum resin, trichloro acetic acid, 5-Fluorouracil and interferon alpha-3 are given as topical creams.

Pictures of HPV Warts :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of HPV Warts :

HPV Warts HPV Warts HPV Warts HPV Warts
Prevention :

You can get yourself vaccinated for preventing HPV warts. Gardasil is the approved vaccine for genital warts. But you need to take this shot before getting infected.

Stay from having sex with multiple partners since warts occur only through them. Wear condoms for having safe sex.

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