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Ingrown Eyelash

Ingrown Eyelash Eyelashes do not cause any problem generally except for some it may grow thick in size. Ingrown eyelash would certainly cause infection on the eyes which can cause blindness if not treated in time. In medical terms this condition is called trichiasis. The eyelashes begin to grow inward in contrary to the normal ones that grow outward. It will cause discomfort to the person and in some cases may produce infection on the eyelids or even on the eyes.

For aged persons the eyelashes may turn inward causing condition called entropion but it may not cause infection. Frequent rubbing of eyelashes with the cornea may cause irritation and discomfort in this case but it will not become a source of infection. The length and thickness of eyelashes vary widely from one person to another. Even some tiny hairs can cause problem to the eye when it enters into the eye.

Ingrown eyelashes can cause vision problems and little scratches on the eye.

Symptoms :

Some of the symptoms of ingrown eyelashes are constant irritation and tickling sensation in the eyes, redness and watery discharge from the eyes, itching sensation, blurred vision, dryness, scratching of eyes and feeling of sand inside eyes, inflammation and infection.

Causes :

An injury caused to the eyes, infection may cause this problem. For some people, ingrown eyelashes are hereditary and for others it may develop due to old-age. Certain auto immune disorders may also cause ingrown eyelashes. Using contaminated eyeliners and other cosmetic may cause this problem. Some children may get infection on their eyes due to constant rubbing of eyes. Certain medical conditions like sty or other eye infection may cause development of ingrown eyelashes.

Treatment :

You need to consult an ophthalmologist for removing the ingrown lashes. Sometimes you need to visit an oculoplastic surgeon who deals in surgical procedure of the eyes. You should not attempt to remove the eyelash on your own. Removing eyelashes on your own will not only cause eye irritation but it will again grow after some time, when it is not removed from the root. Hence it is necessary to visit professional doctors or surgeons who are specialized in dealing with issue.

Some of the treatments given for ingrown eyelashes are electrolysis for complete removal and epitlation process during which the offending eyelashes are cut off by surgeons. Some doctors would use cryoablation process for freezing the hair follicles using liquid nitrogen.

One drawback in using electrolysis process for removing ingrown eyelashes is you may get back hair follicles after some months. It would prompt you to repeat the process again after few months.

Some people may have excess grown in the size of eyelashes that protrude from eyelids. This condition is known as Distichiasis in which a pair of hairs will be emanating from one hair follicle and grow inwards towards the eye.

Pictures of Ingrown Eyelash :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Ingrown Eyelash

Ingrown Eyelash Ingrown Eyelash Ingrown Eyelash
Home Remedies :

You can get rid of eye irritation and discomfort due to ingrown eyelash by applying warm compress on the eyes. You need to apply a soft cloth soaked in warm water gently on the eyes and you can repeat this process many times. You will get relief from pain or irritation by this simple remedy.

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