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Itchy Ankles

Itchy Ankles Itchy ankles are common skin condition for many people. Sometimes it can cause rash along with itchy sensation. It would certainly cause you to scratch the skin and sometimes it can become serious. The intensity of the disease depends on the tolerance level of the person and the environment he lives in.

Generally people living in western countries are overly sensitive to skin disease and allergic reactions when compared with Asian people.

Symptoms :

The ankle area becomes itchy and swollen. Sometimes it can cause rashes on the ankle. The area may become swollen due to repeated scratches.

Causes :

Number of factors like weather condition, texture of the skin and illness can trigger itchy ankles. There may or may not be rashes on the ankles.

The environment where the person lives is a valid factor for getting rashes on the ankles or skin. Generally Asians are less prone to itchy ankles than people from other parts of the world. People living in the West are highly sensitive to rashes and dust allergy.

Poor hygiene of socks and shoes also contribute for itchy ankles. Not washing the socks properly or using the same set of socks for many days increase the chance for bacterial infection and itching. Similarly using ill fitting shoes can also cause inflammation and redness on the ankles. The material of the socks can also induce irritation to some extent.

Prolonged use of adhesive materials and bandage on the legs can cause itchy ankles. Living in hot temperature region may cause hot rashes on the skin.

Some of the common causes of itchy ankles are dryness of the skin, injury or trauma to the ankles, underlying diseases like hypothyroidism, heart problem, kidney disease, peripheral neuropathy in case of diabetic patients, psoriasis or skin infection and use of cosmetic products that contains sulfates.

In case of rashes with itchy ankles it can be caused due to allergic reaction, heat rash, scabies, insect bite, eczema, Athlete’s foot, bed bugs, atopic dermatitis, infection from dust mites, Crohn’s disease and nummular eczema.

Treatment :

There are varieties of simple home remedies by which you can manage itchy ankles. Apply ice on the ankle for 15-20 minutes to get relief from pain and swelling. You can control itching by applying cold ice on the area which helps in keeping the skin cool. Further it would prevent you from scratching the area repeatedly. You can repeat this process for 4-5 times a day. Whenever you feel itching sensation on the ankles, you can simply apply ice pack to manage itching.

Oatmeal mixture is a good alternative to control itching and inflammation. You can mix few drops of ginger juice and oats and apply it on the itchy ankles. Ginger is effective in controlling inflammation and itchiness. Further it helps in producing soothing effect on the affected area. It is easy to make this paste at home and can be applied 3 times a day.

Caladryl lotion obtained from over the counter is good for controlling itching. It reduces irritation and controls swelling. Calamine lotion can also be applied on the ankles twice or thrice daily. You can also apply menthol or any other moisturizing cream on the ankles to control itchiness. You can get these creams from the drugstore and use it liberally on the affected areas to get quick relief.

If none of the above remedies are effective in controlling itching, you can visit your doctor to get prescription lotion or topical ointments. He may give you antihistamine pills for managing itching and inflammation. In medical terms itchy ankles are called pruritus which can be due to skin disorder like psoriasis. Your doctor will examine the ankles to find the intensity of inflammation or redness on the area and give suitable medications for managing it.

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