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Milia Milia are nothing but tiny bumps that is seen on the baby’s nose or cheeks. It is quite common to see these white bumps on the newborn’s nose and cheeks. There is nothing to worry about milia and it will resolve on its own the way it appeared without any apparent causes. For this reason, this problem does not need any treatment at all. Sometimes white bumps occur on the baby’s gums and on the roof of oral cavity which are known as Epstein pearls.

Causes :

There is no reason why only certain infants have this tiny white bump and others do not have it. Milia can develop due to flaking of skin when these tissues get trapped in pockets near the skin surface.

Symptoms :

Symptoms of milia are simple and straightforward marked by tiny bumps or lesions on the baby’s nose and sometimes on the cheeks. It will not cause any skin infection or itching and there is nothing to worry about. About 50-60% of the infants will get this lesion in first few months of birth.

Tests :

No tests are required to detect the presence of milia since it is self evident while physical examination.

Treatment :

No specific treatment is required for milia. The tiny lesions will fade away gradually after some days/weeks and hence no medical treatment is required.

Home Remedies :

You can wash the baby’s face gently with warm water. In case if his skin is oily then you can use mild moisturizing lotion or soap for washing the skin. Do not rub the baby’s skin with towel instead gently pat his skin to become dry. There is absolutely no need to use any lotion or special cream for removing these tiny bumps. Do not pinch or scrape the bumps since it will disappear on its own.

Pictures of Milia :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Milia

Milia Milia Milia Milia Milia

Prevention :

You can do nothing to prevent the occurrence of white bumps on the baby’s face since there is no reason behind it.

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