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Mydriasis Mydriasis is eye disorder which makes the pupils of the eyes to dilate for longer period. People with this problem will have dilated pupils that are abnormally large. This condition can occur due to congenital problem (inherited by birth) and due to other factors like head injury, multiple spinal cord disorders and even strong orgasm. Intake of certain powerful drugs can make the pupils to become extremely dilated. For instance individuals who are in the habit of taking illegal drugs for attaining euphoria have chance to get this problem. A group of amphetamines and anti-depressant drugs can also cause this reaction.

It is quite common for an ophthalmologist for dilating the eyes to examine it carefully. But this condition will get back to normalcy after some time. In mydriasis the dilated eyes will remain as permanent condition and one has to wear dark glasses to protect their eyes.

Symptoms :

The pupils remain dilated for long period of time but it will not cause any pain. Some of the other symptoms of this disease include dryness in eyes, blurred vision, conjunctivitis, eye irritation, sensitivity to light, ocular hypertension, glaring of eyes and dizziness. Some people may also have sleeping problems, pain or weakness in lower back, night sweats and retinitis.

Causes :

It can occur due to nervous problem in the brain or spinal cord. As a result it affects daily activities leading to the condition of autonomic neuropathy. Mydriasis occurs due to the damage caused to the oculomotor nerve which is responsible for dilation and constriction.

Severe injury or trauma to the eyes is one of the major causes for mydriasis. Head injury is likely to cause damage on the iris which is the muscle surrounding the pupil which in turn can affect the internal nerves causing

Intense excitement in sex can also become a reason for dilated pupils. A hormone by name oxytocin if released during sexual intercourse can cause mydriasis.

Severe disorders in the spinal cord or brain can give rise to the condition of stroke or epilepsy which in turn can damage the nerves of the eyes forming mydriasis. For instance people with brain tumor may have nerve compression on the oculomotor nerve leading to dilated pupils.

Certain types of brain death cause unilateral mydriasis which is due to stroke. In some cases it causes bilateral mydriasis which is a rare eye condition. The pupils will not react normally to light and stays big or extended always. Very often both the eyes are affected. If the pupils get extended it is called “dilated state” and if it gets narrowed it is known as “constricted state”. The affected people will have abnormal dilation as a result they have large sized pupils.

Other causes for mydriasis are botulism, brain death, aneurysm, serotonin syndrome, ocular surgery and cerebral edema. In rare condition it can happen due to the intake of strong drugs or dopram injections.

Diagnoses :

An ophthalmologist can identify mydriasis by looking at the dilated pupils in bright light.

Treatment :

Treatment is oriented towards reducing the symptoms and protecting the eyes. If timely treatment is given mydriasis can be cured. Drugs like murocol 2, phenylephrine and scopolamine are given for treating the condition of dilated pupils.

In case if this condition is due to the intake of drugs, then your doctor may give alternative medications. Hence the outcome of the treatment will depend more on the causative factor rather than the symptoms.

The person having dilated pupils will not have any pain or discomfort but still it is necessary to get it treated at early stages.

Complications :

As such the appearance of dilated pupils and bulging eyes may cause discomfort but mydriasis itself does not cause any serious problem for the vision or to the eyes. There is no risk or complications due to this disease.

If the treatment is given in early stages and shortly after initial diagnoses it is easy to cure dilated pupils. However an expert doctor will have to find out the underlying factor that causes mydriasis and give treatment accordingly.

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