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Nummular Dermatitis

Nummular Dermatitis Nummular dermatitis is a skin disorder which is marked by dark itchy patches on the skin. It causes skin irritation and inflammation of the tissues forming round shaped lesions. This disease is also called as Nummular eczema and Discoid eczema and it often affects middle aged men. The first symptom will appear between 45-55 years in men and 15-25 for women. Skin irritation and patches will increase if the skin is exposed to sunlight and hot climatic condition.

It can affect anyone suddenly but generally males are more prone to get dermatitis than females. Many times it starts on the back of your hand, back of your hips and legs. This disorder will cause discomfort to the affected person for cosmetic purpose.

Symptoms :

Nummular dermatitis is marked by coin shaped patches or lesions on the skin which appears immediately on the first day of the outbreak. It usually starts as small lesions on legs and spreads further to hands and fingers and even on the trunk. It is marked by red colored itchy blisters or lesions and the size of such lesions vary from 2-4 inches. The blisters will erupt giving out pus like fluid which is highly infectious. The skin becomes raw and scaly when such patches are formed.

Skin irritation, itching and inflammation are some of the common signs of this disease.

The dark patches will be coin shaped making circular rings around it. The surface of the skin on these rings will be sensitive and dry. Even after the patches have withered off the skin will not get normal color and look dark. It takes even months for the discolored skin to resume normal color.

Nummular dermatitis makes its appearance on the lower legs in the form of coin shaped rashes or lesions. It may also occur on the lower back, forearms, hips and back of your hand.

Causes :

Very often when the skin is exposed to certain risk factors nummular dermatitis develops. It is true that this disease also run in families like many other hereditary disorders like asthma, diabetes and allergy.

The risk of getting lesions is higher if the person is living in extreme weather conditions like hot or cold weather. Wearing woolen clothes or tight fitting clothes makes the skin unable to breathe properly.

The skin should be kept with optimal moisture and any deviation can trigger dermatitis. Taking frequent bath and working for extended hours in moisture prone environment increases the risk of getting lesions.

The dark coin shaped patches appears when the person gets too emotional or stressed. Using harsh chemicals or soaps on the skin makes it vulnerable for many types of skin disorders. Exposing the skin to bacterial infection and insect bite can also cause dermatitis.

For some people nummular dermatitis is caused by allergic reactions caused by nickel, rubber, mercury, topical antibiotics and harsh chemicals like formaldehyde.

Who are at risk?

People whose skin are overly sensitive, people who work with strong chemicals like zinc, nickel and those who are overly exposed to harsh sunlight are at increased risk of getting nummular dermatitis.

Diagnoses :

Dermatitis can be easily diagnosed by the special appearance of lesions and its shape. In case of any doubt, the doctor may do biopsy of the skin for confirming the disease.

Treatment :

Nummular dermatitis is a chronic disorder and is difficult to treat. There is no reason for its appearance on the skin; similarly it may take quite a long time for getting cured. The rashes will go after the phase of remission is complete. There is every chance for the lesions to flare up after some time on the same spot.

Hence treatment for dermatitis is done to cover the symptoms and not the disease. The flare-ups are prevented by taking proper skin care. There are many preventive methods by which you can avoid getting lesions.

Stay away from direct sunlight and protect yourself from skin injury. Apply sunscreen lotion that contains sunscreen protective factor SPF when you need to go out in hot sun. Apply moisturizing lotion liberally on the skin before going to bed and after taking bath. Avoid bathing in hot water since it may dry your skin making conditions worse.

People living in hot and cold climatic conditions should take extra care for their skin. You can use a humidifier in dry weather and air conditioner in hot seasons. Do not use detergents that contain strong chemicals. Do not change your soap or cleaning gel often. Make sure that the soap does not contain any fragrance or dye.

You can consult your doctor for getting prescription medications and creams that contain cortisone. He may give you doses of steroid and anti-inflammatory drugs or oral antihistamines. For severe form of outbreak he may inject cortisones on the affected area to get quick relief from lesions. Patch testing is done for patients with increased risk of dermatitis. Topical steroid creams are used for reducing the symptoms and oral antibiotics are given for managing skin irritation.

Pictures of Nummular Dermatitis :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Nummular Dermatitis

Nummular Dermatitis Nummular Dermatitis Nummular Dermatitis Nummular Dermatitis Nummular Dermatitis Nummular Dermatitis
Home Remedies :

Plantain juice and Aloe Vera gel can be used for managing dermatitis infection. It is effective in soothing the skin irritation and facilitates healing.

Prepare a paste of salt and clay adding few drops of peppermint oil and apply on the lesions. You can also try using calamine lotion liberally on the affected area. Some people use pyrithione zinc for effective healing since it prevents excess of oily secretion from the lesions.

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