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Pyogenic Granuloma

Pyogenic Granuloma When the blood vessels increase in number it may cause small bumps on the skin which are called Pyogenic granuloma. These are not cancer causing cells and occur commonly on children. Earlier, the reddish lumps were believed to be of bacterial infection but later it was found that it is due to the increase in blood vessels.

Unlike vascular tumor, these types of lesions do not cause cancer and they are classified as polypoid or exophytic lesions that are benign. These lumps may cause bleeding on the skin even for minor injuries but they can be completely cured by surgical process.

Causes :

Exact cause is still not known but pyogenic granuloma may appear in the form of red lesions on the skin after trauma or minor injury. It is observed as small red colored lesions on the face, hands and arms of young children.

Pyogenic granulomas may occur due to hormonal imbalance or due to angiogenic factors. Actually the lesions have been tested for the presence of HPV virus but not a single test shows the presence of virus.This begins to appear on the skin suddenly after a fall or injury on the hands or face. Even skin burn can be a cause for the occurrence of these lesions.

It can be due to the process of angiogenesis in which nitric oxide synthase is secreted which may trigger growth of lesions causing pyogenic granulomas.

Symptoms :

Pyogenic granulomas are found on the skin in the form of tiny reddish lesions or nodules. It may be with crust measuring about 2-10 mm in diameter. It is largely found on the neck and face of children and sometimes on their trunk and extremities.

In pregnant women, these lesions are found to occur on gingival mucosa (oral cavity) apart from hands and arms.

The lesions are prone to bleeding when it is subjected to injury. The size of the lesions may grow on a few weeks and often group of lesions are found to occur on the affected site.

Diagnoses :

Physical examination of the affected child is enough to identify the illness. Skin biopsy is done for confirming the disease.

Pictures of Pyogenic Granuloma :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Pyogenic Granuloma

Pyogenic Granuloma Pyogenic Granuloma Pyogenic Granuloma Pyogenic Granuloma Pyogenic Granuloma Pyogenic Granuloma Pyogenic Granuloma Pyogenic Granuloma
Treatment :

Electrocautery is the popular method of removing the lesions. A small incision is made on the affected area and the lesions are removed carefully without affecting other layers of the skin. Local anesthesia is given and using electrocautery method the treatment is done. The surgeon carefully removes the entire bunch of granulation tissue on cauterization to ensure that will not recur.

In some cases, large sized lesions are removed with surgical excision along with primary closure. Laser therapy is also administered for removing selective lesions and this method do not require anesthesia.

Silver nitrate is used in cryotherapy method for removing small lesions. Topical creams like Aldara is given for some children with small sized lesions.

The main purpose of removing these lesions are due to cosmetic reason and its nature of bleeding when injured.Whatever be the method, there is no guarantee that lesions will not appear again.

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