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Pyuria Pyuria is a condition in which there is excess of white blood cells in your urine. The urine becomes foul smelling and cloudy when you get infected. There are many reasons for getting pyuria infection. It is easy to treat pyuria after diagnosing the right causative factor. As such pyuria is not a disease it is only a diagnoses made on the laboratory while testing for other illness. This condition occurs often when people get urinary tract infection.

Symptoms :

The condition of pyuria is often asymptomatic (without any symptoms) if there is no infection. If infected with bacteria or virus the person may have the following symptoms.

The urine will have foul smell and there will be discomfort or irritation when passing urine. Some people may have cloudy urine and an urge to pass urine often. In rare cases there can be fever.

The symptoms of one person may not be the same as that of others.

Causes :

Causes of getting pyuria infection are varied. And sometimes there can be increased white blood cells in the urine without any infection.

If a person gets infected with sexually transmitted diseases it can cause excess of white cells in the urine. Certain types of viral infections, bacterial and fungal infections can cause this condition.

Men with prostate gland infection will have pus and foul smell in the urine. Intake of certain medications like gluco-corticoid can produce this condition. Kidney infection, presence of stones in the kidney and tumor can also cause excess of white cells in the urine.

Pregnant women will have cloudy discharge in urine with more number of white cells. Urinary tract infection and inflammation on the tract can cause pyuria.

For measuring the white cells in the body, urine analysis is the right test. For diagnosing bladder infection or presence of cyst urine culture test is done. Often pyuria test is done for detecting any underlying illness like UTI, cyst formation and kidney related problems.

Diagnoses :

Urine test alone is not enough for giving treatment for pyuria. Your doctor will have find out the underlying medical cause for giving right treatment.

The presence of excess of white cells in the urine is indicative of pyuria. He will conduct other tests in order to determine the exact cause of the disease. The sample of urine is collected and tested on the microscope for finding the count of white cells and for detecting the presence of any bacteria or virus.

Treatment :

After getting the report of other tests along with urine analysis, your doctor will decide the course of treatment. Antibiotics are prescribed for treating infectious bacteria and virus in the urine.

Medicines like Ampicililn, norflaxacin, ciprofloxacin, minocycline, amoxicillin and doxycycline are given for treating pyuria infection.

In case if the person is having this condition due to sexually transmitted disease like chalmydia or gonorrhea then suitable antibiotics are prescribed. For tuberculosis bacterial infection antibiotics are to be taken in recommended dosage.

The method of treatment varies widely according to the root cause of the disease. Your doctor will take the right approach for treating kidney stones or urinary tract infection that causes pyuria.

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