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Rotten Teeth

Rotten Teeth Rotten teeth are caused due to the destruction in the normal structure of the teeth. It can occur due to many factors and it is necessary to consult a dentist for preventing total tooth decay. Tooth decay is the formation of dental canes or cavities between two teeth. Bacteria often invade your teeth due to frequent deposits of food particles making more acids that will eventually eat away your tooth. Tooth decay can cause moderate or sharp pain and if left untreated it can cause loss of tooth.

Symptoms :

The major symptom of rotten teeth is tooth decay affecting the enamel of the teeth. The infection will start affecting the deep layer of the teeth like pulp and dentine. Toothache is the first sign you can identify that something is wrong inside. Cavity of the tooth becomes black. Rotten teeth will emit bad (foul) smell indicating stages of decay. It shows the bacteria is slowly killing the teeth showing it is in the process of decaying.

There will be bad breath from the mouth and white or black spots are seen on the teeth. It is the action of the bacteria that has already infected the tooth which will eventually turn the remainder of the tooth to black color. There will be nothing left in the rotten teeth and bacteria will gradually spread to the neighboring teeth if not treated. The tooth becomes sensitive and pains when you drink anything cold. It can cause swollen glands and throbbing pain along with fever.

The size of the tooth will eventually get reduced since the bacteria have completely eaten away the pulp and dentin. The teeth will become thin and small if you observe it closely. Rotten teeth in the final stage will fall out. The teeth turns black in color only if the root has been destroyed which will eventually break and fall away with the tooth.

Causes :

Bacteria will develop on the leftover food particles producing sticky substance (plaque) on your teeth. Bacteria will feed over the food particles and secrete acids. This acid attacks the teeth within half-an-hour after eating. Gradually these acids will destroy the enamel of the tooth causing rotten teeth and tooth decay.

Poor Dental Hygiene :

If you are not paying attention to proper brushing techniques it will cause rotten teeth and tooth decay. You need to brush at least 2 times a day which will remove the residing bacteria along with plaque particles. Flossing is absolutely necessary for removing large food particles that get caught between two teeth.

Health Condition :

If the overall health is poor, it can lower the body’s immunity and metabolism. Body may not be able to do many functions properly and hence cannot prevent the entry of bacteria and the acidic saliva it discharges.

Reduced Saliva :

Dry mouth or lack of saliva is competent enough to wash food particles and acids that cause tooth decay. Your gums will stay healthy only if you have enough saliva.

Increased Acid :

When the tooth is exposed to increased acid content it will cause tooth decay. Stomach acid will cause heartburn and can destroy the healthy gums in your teeth.

Consumption of Sweets :

As long as you are eating controlled sweets in any form, there will not be any problem. Bacteria is fond of sweetened saliva and can widely spread too much of acid on the teeth. Hence whenever you eat any sweet next time, you have to rinse the mouth properly.

Tests :

Your dentist will examine your teeth in bright light to detect any problems like tooth decay or rotten teeth. He may use a sharp tool for examining the teeth. In case of doubt, he may order for dental X-ray.

Pictures of Rotten Teeth :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of Rotten Teeth

Rotten Teeth Rotten Teeth Rotten Teeth Rotten Teeth

Treatment :

For mild to moderate form of rotten teeth your dentist will fill in the cavities and try her best to save your teeth. Your dentist will look for any cavities or holes in your mouth and remove them through professional cleanup. After the cleaning process, she will suggest using fluoride toothpaste for preventing further bacterial growth. High concentration of fluoride is effective in protecting your enamel. Taking good dental care is enough for protecting the teeth for minimal tooth decay. She might suggest some fillings in the cavities to prevent further decay.

In case the tooth decay is severe and in advanced stage, then she might use root canal treatment for saving your teeth. If that is not possible, she will eventually remove the decayed teeth in simple procedure. She will inject local anesthesia to create numbness on the nerves so that pain is not felt during the process.

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