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Stye Eye

Stye Eye Stye eye is a painful condition that is marked by the formation of small lumps on the eyelids. It is an acute eye infection caused by oily glands of the eye. When the glands are blocked it leads to the accumulation of oil which would extrude through the gland forming red blisters on the eyelids. Due to the presence of excess of oil (moisture) bacteria easily enters the gland causing infection. This would cause inflammation and redness with pain on the area surrounding the eyelids. Hordeolum is the medical term given for stye eye.

Stye eye is formed in either one eyelid or both. The lump is clearly visible and marked as yellowish or whitish spot on the eyelids. It is easy to treat stye eye by draining the accumulated pus inside the lump.

Causes :

Stye is caused by bacterial infection. Often it is the staphylococcus bacteria that cause eye infection. The oily gland produces oil for lubricating the eye, but when the oil is secreted in excess (this condition is called seborrhea) it gets blocked on the opening of gland causing painful lumps.

Very often it is caused by improper usage of eye cosmetics or frequently changing eye makeup. If the person is not maintaining hygienic eyelids it can cause Stye eye. Certain diseases like rosacea acne and blepharitis can induce excess of oil from the gland leading to stye. Change in hormone or hormonal imbalance can cause eye infection.

External stye eye is caused by eyelash infection of bacteria resulting in swelling. It begins as staph infection close to the follicles of glands thus blocking other glands on the eyelid. Internal hordeolum is a serious type of eye infection originating from meibomian gland present below the surface of eyelid. Since it occupies the center portion of the eyelids it would cause more pain and discomfort than the external type of infection.

Symptoms :

Some of the common signs of stye are swelling of eyelids, itching, pain, and redness and burning of eyes and lumps or blister formation on the eyelids. The infected area becomes tender to touch. It can cause drooping of eyelids and it becomes difficult to open the eyes. You may feel like presence of scratches on the eyeball. It can affect the vision leading to distorted vision. There will be excess of mucus secretion from the infected eye.

When to see your doctor?

If there is swelling, redness, irritation on the eyes with disturbance in vision you need to seek immediate medical attention. For some people eyelashes start falling out and white part inside the eye changes into red color.

Diagnoses :

The ophthalmologist will examine your eyes through microscopic device to identify the intensity of infection. In case the infection has spread to eye socket then you will be asked to take CT scan.

Treatment :

Stye eye does not require any treatment often since it will resolve on its own within few days. You can take care of your eyes by applying warm compression several times a day for clearing the clogged pores and for draining the oil inside. Never attempt to squeeze your eyes since it will worsen the infection. Avoid using any eye cosmetics and facial makeup once you get infected. In case you are wearing contact lenses discontinue using it since stye eye infection can affect the lenses spreading to your cornea.

In case of pain and discomfort you can take Tylenol or other painkillers available over the counter.

Your doctor would prescribe topical antibiotics or oral antibiotics like Doxycycline for managing bacterial infection. The treatment becomes difficult if the person has rosacea or blepharitis symptoms and infection. Widespread infection can be treated by powerful antibiotics and you have to continue the drugs as instructed by your doctor.

In rare cases your ophthalmologist would drain the pus inside by making small incision for removing large lumps formed on the eyelid.

Surgery is the last option for stye eye and the doctor will make incision only on the inner part of your eyelid for removing the pus like fluid inside. This is a short procedure and can be performed easily in the office.

Pictures of Stye Eye :

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Stye Eye Stye Eye Stye Eye Stye Eye Stye Eye Stye Eye Stye Eye
Prevention :

You can easily avoid sty infection if you practice good eye hygiene. You need to wash your face and eyes with cold water for preventing any infection. Once in a while you can apply warm compression on the eyelids for facilitating free movement of oils secreted from the glands.

Do not change your eye cosmetics and never share it with anyone since you can catch infection from others.

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