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Swollen Eyelid

Swollen Eyelid There are many factors that cause swelling of eyelids. It can be sudden or gradual or swollen eyelid can be mild or severe. At some part of life many of us had to deal with inflammation of eyelids due to many causes. Rubbing of eyelids or infection can cause swollen eyelid. Sometimes it can be mild and resolve on its own and sometimes it can become difficult to treat. You should not ignore it, if this condition persists for more than 2 days. Most of the swollen eyelid does not cause pain. Often there will be watery discharge from the eyes due to swelling.

Causes :

Conjunctivitis or any other type of eye infection can cause swollen eyelid. The protective membrane that surrounds the eyelids becomes swollen and itchy. Sometime it can be due to allergic reaction or due to chemicals. Bacterial infection like blepharitis or viral infection can cause swelling of eyelids. Stye is yet another bacterial infection that affects the sweat glands present on the base of eyelashes. Chalazion is caused by blocked eye ducts and it grows on the lubricating glands of the eye. It can cause redness and swelling of eyelids. Most of the above types of infectious factors cause pain.

Using dirty contact lenses, allergic reactions and sinusitis can cause swollen eyelids; but it will not cause any pain. In case the swelling and pain is due to any allergy then it will resolve once the allergy causing substance is removed. But if you experience swollen eyelids regularly with pain, you should consult your ophthalmologist since it can be serious problem.

Symptoms :

Swelling on the eyelids is accompanied by many symptoms. There can be itchiness, redness, tenderness on the eyes due to swelling. It can be with or without pain. It will produce watery discharge from the eyes and there will be puffiness of eyes.

For some people there can be mild fever and body pain due to infection. Whatever may be the symptoms; you should not touch or rub the eyes since it will worsen the condition. By touching the eyes with your hands, you will be passing more germs into your eyes without your knowledge.

Diagnoses :

Your eye doctor can easily identify swollen eyelids by physical examination of the eyes. She might use special instrument for observing the eyes closely for detecting the reason for infection.

Pictures of Swollen Eyelid :

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Swollen Eyelid Swollen Eyelid Swollen Eyelid Swollen Eyelid Swollen Eyelid Swollen Eyelid

Treatment :

For mild form of eye infection there is no need to take treatment. Very often allergy or foreign particles will develop swelling of eyelids and it will settle down once the particle is removed.

Control the temptation of touching or rubbing the eyelids even it is very itchy. Do not apply any make-up or use any cosmetic even on your face since fine particles of powder can fall into the eyes, worsening the infection and redness. Apply cold compression over infected eyes. Just apply clean wet cloth over the swollen eyelids for some time. Repeat this process many times a day. This will bring down swelling and reduce pain. Further this therapy also helps in removing any particles inside your eyes.

Wash your eyes with clean cold water. You can use gauze pads dipped in milk for covering your infected eyes. Apply freshly cut cucumber pieces over the swollen eyelids, which is very effective in reducing inflammation. For managing itching and pain, antihistamines or eye drops can be taken.

Your doctor will examine the condition of your eyes and prescribe (if needed) special eye drops for treating infection. Antibiotic medicines are given if swelling of eyelids is due to stye or any other infection. Steroid eye drops are given for treating conjunctivitis. In rare cases, eyelid tumors can happen which is corrected by surgical operation.

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