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Thin Skin

Thin Skin If you look at the old people, you can find their skin very soft and with multiple layers of fold. As we grow old, the fat molecules in the skin reduce and so the thin becomes thin and saggy. Collagen and elastin are responsible for giving the skin glowing softness. The skin also reduces in texture with the reduction of hormone testosterone. Since the skin becomes very thin, it no more serves as protective outer cover for underlying blood vessels and tissues.

Causes :

Primary cause for skin thinning is old-age. It loses elasticity and moisture and becomes thin and saggy prone to wear and tear. Since the cell division process in the skin reduces drastically as one age, it will directly affect the skin texture making it thinner and thinner with almost no cell rejuvenation.

Exposure to sun’s powerful UV rays also causes thin skinning. You can see the hands and arms grow much thinner in skin texture when compared with other parts of the body. The reason is these parts are constantly exposed to sun’s radiation directly.

The dermis is the deep layer of the skin lying below the epidermis becomes prone to sun’s radiation for prolonged time will cause significant damage and injury to the collagen fibers of the skin. This in turn will make the skin to lose its elasticity ultimately making it very delicate and fragile.

Genetics play a part in determining the skin color and texture and if you have family history of skin thinning after certain age; certainly it will cause its effect on your skin too.

The skin thinning happens due to the adverse effect of certain medicines like corticosteroids which damages the blood vessels of the skin. People who have skin disorders and infection will have thin skin even at younger age when compared to other healthy individuals.

Individuals born with dry skin are under the risk of skin thinning at early ages. Including protein rich foods can help you in strengthening the skin to some extent. So, always keep your skin well hydrated and moisturized.

People with Frohlich syndrome, Ehler Danlos syndrome and with growth hormone receptor deficiency will have thin skin soon.

Symptoms :

The skin thinning can be observed in old people where they would have small folds on the skin that has totally lost moisture and glow. Skin thinning is also evident by the frequent wear and tear to the upper layers of the skin making it prone to easy infection as one grows very old. Even with a minor injury the skin will start bleeding because of its texture.

Treatment :

One should take care of his skin right from young age. Eat plenty of supplements that are rich in nutrients to keep the skin soft and glowing. For instance you can include fish oil as a supplement which keeps your skin glowing for many years to come. It slows down the process of declining of dermis function thus keeping you young. You can take supplement in the form of naturally available fresh fruits and vegetables.

Use the moisturizing lotion that contains synthetic collagen like Cynergy TK which helps in boosting the function of dermis layer of the skin. Added collagen in the skin will bring you thick skin gradually.Try using Phtessence Wakame (a type of Japanese seaweed) that facilitates building up of collagen.Include vitamin C as a supplement in your daily food which helps in keeping the skin soft and shining.

Prevention :

You cannot prevent aging but you can take little extra care to keep the skin from exposure.Do not go out in sunshine and if your work warrants, you should wear suitable protective clothing to protect your skin.

While going out, don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion that contains SPF.

Moisturize the skin using olive oil or almonds oil before going to sleep.

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