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White Coating on Tongue

White Coating on Tongue Normal color of the tongue will be white or pale pink. But when the surface of the tongue gets occupied by bacteria or fungi it appears with white coating or pale yellow coating. This is due to the presence of dead cells on the tiny nodules of the tongue. White or yellow coating on the tongue is not a symptom of any serious disease and can be gently removed using tongue scraper. Very often, the white layer disappears if you flossed your teeth properly. But when it remains there for long time you need to consult your doctor. There can be infection on the tongue or sometimes it can be an indication of underlying medical issues.

Causes :

There is number of tiny finger like structures called papillae on the tongue and when it gets inflamed the tongue surface takes up a white coating. This is due to the accumulation of bacteria or fungi on the papillae.

Other causes for white surface on the tongue are dry mouth, dehydration, fever, and smoking. Intake of certain medications can alter the color of your tongue’s surface. Oral lichen planus, leukoplakia, oral thrush and syphilis infection are also some of the causes for white coating on the tongue.

It can also occur due to tongue cancer and prolonged use of tobacco. When the food particles or residue reside on the tongue for long time, there is every chance for the development of bacteria on it. It not only changes the normal color but also gives you a bad breathe.

Symptoms :

The tongue gets coated with tiny white or yellow coating due to bacterial infection. For severe case of infection it can cause tongue pain and bad breathe. You will get burning sensation and pain if white covering is due to yeast infection like oral thrush. Getting white patches with pain can be a symptom of leukoplakia or syphilis infection.

Diagnoses :

Physical examination of the oral cavity and tongue will suffice to identify the problem.

Pictures of White Coating on Tongue :

Images, Pics, Pictures and Photos of White Coating on Tongue

White Coating on Tongue White Coating on Tongue White Coating on Tongue White Coating on Tongue
Treatment :

Very often no treatment is required for removing white coating on the tongue. It is enough if you brush your teeth twice properly with regular flossing. You can use tongue scraper for gently rubbing the surface from the tongue. If dehydration is the cause of the problem, then you should drink plenty of water. The tongue surface can change color due to extreme hot and cold weather. So protect your body from very hot or very cold climate.

Avoid chewing tobacco or smoking and restrict drinking alcohol. This habit can induce bacterial growth in rapid rate and can harm your salivary glands in the long run. Change your toothbrush once in three months. You can use toothbrush with microfiber bristles so that it does not harm your tongue while cleaning. Maintain good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly for cleaning and checking the condition of your teeth.

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