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Wisdom Teeth Pain

Wisdom Teeth Pain Anybody can get wisdom teeth pain. It would begin as sharp intense pain and for some it becomes unmanageable. Totally there are two pairs of wisdom tooth growing on either side of oral cavity top and bottom. They are teeth that grow behind the molars. Very often wisdom teeth grow crookedly on sideways.

Once they start growing it would push other teeth thereby causing misalignment of tooth. Initially there can be moderate pain when the wisdom tooth sets in. The pain is felt at the back of the mouth and the entire back portion becomes reddish.

For some people, there may not be any visible symptoms when wisdom tooth grows. For others there would be pain while eating or chewing food. There are number of causes for wisdom tooth pain but the pain can be treated by an expert dentist.

Causes :

As stated earlier, wisdom tooth will push the neighboring teeth for its growth and very often starts growing on sideways instead of upward. This would certainly make the area overcrowded and for some people the growth of wisdom tooth will cause misalignment. Wisdom tooth grows as the final set of molar and usually it grows out of place leaving the gum lining. The pressure exerted by the wisdom teeth will cause lot of pain for the person.

Tooth decay or any small fracture on the wisdom tooth can cause intense pain. Sometimes it may get broken partially causing unbearable pain. Wisdom tooth pain can also emanate from gum infection. Even the growth of small abscess on the wisdom tooth can cause pain.

For many people, wisdom tooth pain starts when the tooth grows in wrong position leaving the alignment. You can see a layer of gum tissue on the wisdom tooth if it grows on the partially erupted tooth.

Whatever may be the cause your dentist will take measures for cleaning and correcting the alignment of wisdom tooth. Only if the infection becomes deep and irreparable, he would remove the wisdom tooth.

Symptoms :

There can be extreme pain and discomfort on the area of wisdom tooth. In case of infection due to swollen gums, the area becomes red and develops inflammation. For some people, there may be irritation with pain on the soft gum lining when the wisdom tooth grows in abnormal position.

In case the pain is severe, the person may find it difficult to eat or drink and sometimes he may not be able to open his mouth properly. Wisdom tooth pain should never be left unattended and cannot be settled by simple pain killer medicines.

Diagnoses :

Your problem will be sorted out by simple examination of your teeth by dentist.

Treatment :

You can take pain killers before visiting the dentist in case you cannot tolerate the pain. Medicines such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen can be taken for a day or two but this should not be continued for long.

Your dentist will find out the root cause for the wisdom teeth pain and resolve it accordingly. He may use dental equipments for cleaning the infection and prescribe you antibiotics for complete healing. He may remove the wisdom tooth if it is required. The process of wisdom tooth extraction should be carried out by an expert dentist to avoid the risk of getting fracture later. You should not have hypertension or other blood related disorder for wisdom tooth extraction. Your dentist will collect complete history of your health condition before the process.

Home Remedies :

Rinse your mouth with warm salt water several times a day. This would destroy any bacterial growth or infection in that area. You can apply ice pack on the area of pain to get rid of inflammation.

Clove or clove oil can be used to alleviate the wisdom tooth pain

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